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Hello, I appreciate the feedback! I'm sorry if you did not enjoy the game. A better, more coherent, and easier to understand story is definitely something I'm working to have in my next game.


I love obaing my doba it makes me cry tears of happiness.

It should! It's a 32bit build and Windows 7 shouldn't be any issue.

warm :3

glad you enjoyed :)

thanks :)

Hey, thanks for letting me know. I'm not able to reproduce the bug but I put a new build out that should hopefully prevent it from happening.


Thanks for playing and for letting me know about the bug. I've put an update out that should hopefully fix it.

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That's weird. Definitely shouldn't be any invisible walls so not sure what could cause that. Were you able to duck under any of the boxes? There is 3 in total.

Sorry to hear that. Just in case you didn't try already, turning off camera bob and increasing FOV may help.

Night Stop community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

If you have a bug to report feel free to reply to this post about it or make a new post. Whichever is easier.

Night Stop community · Created a new topic Gameplay Videos

If you would like to post a video feel free to do so as a reply to this post.

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I changed the gamepage to use discussion boards instead of comments. This was to prevent game spoilers in youtube thumbnails being immediately viewable from the gamepage. Feel free to post them as a reply to the stickied Gameplay Videos Topic.

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Sorry, I switched the gamepage to use discussion boards instead of comments. My message said to check for any bloodstains near the backwall with the drink coolers.

Thanks for letting me know about the bug, will look into it. Sorry it happened.

Are there any at the backwall with the drink coolers?



Thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it. I loved your game Hypnagogia.

Appreciate you playing, and ty for the feedback!

S tier thumbnail.

ty for playing :)

Great assets, very useful. :)

ty :)

thanks <3

hey :o


oba doba

great mechanic! Feels really cool to navigate with.

truly the most morbius game

cool game!



thanks! means a lot :)