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oba doba

great mechanic! Feels really cool to navigate with.

truly the most morbius game

cool game!



thanks! means a lot :)

Hey, sorry about that. I uploaded a 32bit version let me know if it works for you.

I updated my profile with it.

thank you!

thanks stella, thanks for playing :)

Thanks :)

Thank you :)

Happy holidays to u, thanks for playing :)

Hello thanks for the feedback, 

I'm really glad you liked Slide in the woods. It was a game I spent multiple months on and feel really passionate for. While I also tried hard to make this game a good horror experience  I was also only able spent two weeks on it so there were things that had to be done for simplicity sake to get it finished in time for the holidays. I have however been working on another long-term horror project which will feature much more so hopefully that's something you will enjoy. 

thanks for letting me know

Yes one ending.

thank you! I'm really glad you liked it :)

nice game.

if you could describe what part of the section I would appreciate it.

(1 edit)

at what part? :P

If your playing in browser you need to make sure you're in fullscreen or else you won't beable to see the 'close' button you need to press to close the flashlight ui.

yea it was borked, hopefully its good now.

Sick game dude look forward to the future ones.

Wow thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

yo these look so good.

im glad!

thank you!


Thanks for letting me know!

yo this was really cool

thanks for playing!


Thanks for making such lovely trees :)

thank you!

sorry but Idk if its a good idea to have random links like that. even if its meant as a joke :P

This video doesn't seem to be relevant to my game.

Also, when you say you had to keep pressing. Do you mean hold and stop over and over or button mash?

thank you and glad to see you played it! I quite like your videos :)

thank you for the feedback!