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thanks! loved the playthrough :D can't get enough of these!

Yeah there were a few too many. It's maybe worth giving this new version a try, and explore more - there was lots and lots you missed and we've added a few more touches that are cool :)

It was great, I watched it again tonight with the mrs. :) Smiles all round

A new build is up now, let me know if you have any more problems :)

give that a try :) let me know if it works for you!

Apologies, we've had some reports of this happening but not all the time. New file being uploaded in a few mins

32 bit will be up in the next 20 mins :) Sorry about that!

Just watching just now - so good! Thanks for playing and recording, it's so fun for us to watch :D

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for making a walkthrough video - you're the first! It's also really useful for us to see the different way people input commands. A patch is coming out later today that solves a lot of those issues.


We're building a new version as we speak, and hope to have it available in the next hour or so. On lower spec machines the sentences would be truncated, but we've fixed that so even when getting a low frame rate it'll still be playable :) Almost there, sorry for the wait!

it is indeed! We're working on an update as we speak that is a _lot_ more forgiving. The 72 hour limit had its impact but we're free now to make it better! Thanks for putting up with it! :)