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Well I was late for a "disciplinary" meeting, damn laws of "work ethics" pfft, got sent up to HR and lost my job...

all in a day's work I guess? lol

Great game and can't wait to get betrayed by Josiah in the full one :)

Will Jackson ever be able to murder noobs in CS:GO? Well I'd have to kill you if I told you...

Sleep tight, don't let bed bugs bite and also goodnight.

That order seems off hmmm..

Great little game concept, twas a little short but the fact you made this in 2 days and I barely finished this video in 2 days really shows how much you've done... and how lazy I am lol

Check out the video for yer selves and tell me what you guys think

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It was quite the fun game I only wish it was longer:)

Pulling the old switcharoo at the end there was also a nice touch. The fisherman became the.... fishee?

(Yes I know it isn't a trout but in the heat of the moment my potato brain decided it was lol)

I literally spent half an hour to drop around 405 glowsticks, I hope you are happy lol

Good game btw.  Twas just a little short :) 

But non the less good job. I would never be able to make em, I simply play em

Third and final game in my video. Leave the best for last you know what I'm sayin ;)

The game wasn't as much scary as it was seductive.

Pros:  *He thicc

              *He finally got the milk he needed

              *Got to roleplay as a football

Cons: *None


Was gud

O yea and check out the video for "quality"  content

First game in my 3 scary games video.

I came....I saw the bloodmoon...had my thoughts taken over by murderous intentions...joined a cult

Pros: *Get to see a space butthole

      *Joined a cult

Cons: *Quite short

      *Not enough spoops


Would cult again :)

Twas the second game in my video where I played 3 Scary Games.

It was honestly one of the best looking indie games I've played and it has a lot of potential to become a full game.

Please develop more games, you know how to do so :)

O and the point of this comment, check out the video if you want to see "great" content. 

I forgot to mention I don't know if you are aware of this but some of the music is a no go unfortunately, copyright infringements on the cutscenes. Caused me some problems after uploading

Just letting ya know :) 

Pretty good game considering that it is an indie game, add a good storyline and you might have a winner. How have you managed to make something so creepy as a single man.

O yea and check out me video that I made about the game, good atmosphere and mostly disturbing.

Only negative comment on my behalf is that we need more spooks lol


Baby in poo poo

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And this is why I will NEVER be a babysitter, ever!! Lol

Great game btw and I just saw that it was originally made in 48 hours for a game jam which is pretty dope

Check out the video I made on it down below. 

Bye :)

Hi this game was quite fun to play but I might have found a game ruining bug at the "end house" it is shown in the video :)

But despite that it was a fun game to play and I really enjoyed playing it even tho I missed a jumpscare cause I'm too stupid to look in front of me lol

I made a 3 Scary Games video and your game is the 2nd one in the video. I really enjoyed playing it :) 

Here is the video link if ya'll want to check it for yourselves.

Consider leaving a like on the video if you enjoyed it and quite possibly subscribe to the channel too

A share of the video would also be much appreciated :)


This game had a spooky atmosphere but was extremely random and weird at times Lol 

But despite that it was a fun game to play and I got the 2nd ending the first time I played it, I guess it was the good ending then XD

I made a 3 Scary Games video and your game is the third one in the video. I really enjoyed playing it :) 

Here is the video link if ya'll want to check it for yourselves.

Consider leaving a like on the video if you enjoyed it and quite possibly subscribe to the channel too

A share of the video would also be much appreciated :)


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This was a fantastic game that is really well made for an game. 

Good job developer on creating this. I really enjoyed playing this game, it was interesting and it had a scary atmosphere.

Here is my video I made about the it if you wanna see me do a playthrough of the game. 

Can't wait to see more of your creations in the future

Enjoy :)

(Yes this is a reupload I tried improving the quality, so I'm just posting here again)

Hi to the developer/anyone else reading this.

I'm just stopping by to say that I made a playthrough of your game. For me the "demon" or so I call it was really disturbing so good job on that :) It is really well made for a game and it is one of the few that actually has a scary atmosphere.

Link to the video if you want to see it↓

You like horror? 

You like Scary?

You like good content?

Well you came to the wrong place but if you like you can check out the video I made about ye boy Tenome by clicking the link above.

I'd appreciate it quite a lot :)

P.S The quality is questionable but YouTube is just a (bad word here) when it comes to compression BUT i'll figure it out soon.

Yo, I made a video on this game where I got some dank kills while being impostor. Check it out below or above I don't know. Also if you liked the video drop a fat like on it and SUBSCRIBE for more great content.

I made a new video about this lovely game, don't be to harsh, this is the first video where I use a face cam. I'm new to YouTube so I'm still trying to figure out video settings ect. It isn't the best quality but please subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video. I forgot to mention, check out the video

Hey pendragon66 I made this playthrough video about this glorious game you have created. Me and my Koi fish friend go on an epic adventure until he is gone... then I'm sad...

Check it out down below right here.

Conclusion: The game was fun and it had a spooky vibe all the way through, I just wish that it was a bit longer tho.

The moment where the person, probably a neighbor or a demon knocked on the door really got me, that was a good touch. 

Made a video bout it. Really cool game, and I really enjoyed it a lot. 

 Check it out here ↓

If you like the video give some feedback about it and consider subscribing to help a brother out. 

Thanks for the game my dude, I made a video about it, it's the second game in the video. Now for some feedback, it was a really nice but short game I enjoyed it a lot and I wish there was more. Ngl when he stood in front of the garage door I thought I saw his junk ;) 

Enjoy lol

Hello there everyone, I made a video about the game ..and 2 other horror games..., it's the third game in the video and it's quite fun to play actually. I wanted to say that I wish it had more gameplay but I saw that you released a full version of the game, I'll be sure to play it!! 


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Hello there everyone, I made a video about 3 horror games and this game is the first in the video, to give feedback on the game it actually is a pretty fun game that had a pretty nice scare in it.


Nice game   man I liked it a lot I hope you make another one of these. I made a shortish video about it where I play through it, the link to the video is       ↓ 

To any of you who watch the video I hope you enjoy it. If you did enjoy it why don't you subscribe to the channel so that I can share my passion with more people.
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I actually hoped that it would continue to be updated so that I could play the game at it's full potential. Thanks for telling me I'll have a new video in the works soon, enjoy

Great game dude enjoyed playing it a lot

It was just difficult to find the key but it was nice non the less. I hope you keep updating it so that I can come back to the game! If you want you can check out the video I made bout it