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Thankyou CoffeeFace I was very excited to see your message! Unfortunately I thought I would receive a slightly higher rating overall but I'm very happy with all the feedback I received and the friends I made during this jam. Personally I came in to finish something and meet some more Developer's and in that I succeeded! It's been an invaluable experience and has been a pleasure meeting you and others. I'll be keeping an eye on your page too! :)

Thankyou so much for the high praise Arcy and hosting this jam! I had a blast. Cannot wait to do it next year.

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dude this is crazy! I love the shaders and the player controller and setup with the different items is really unique I loved putting heaps of junk on my character and going into battle! 

Amazing Submission. Really blown away by this!

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I really enjoyed your game! great visuals and sound design. gameplay loop was great with lots of different power-ups.

outrageous, fast-paced and the games holds the upmost juice!

thanks so much! I really enjoyed your project too!

CoffeeFace thanks for stopping by! I need to polish this one up a bit haha. Sad to say I got very lazy with this one.

Glad you liked the spooky intro!

thanks for your really kind feedback MissyKen. Comments like this make the grind totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by and playing our game. your feedback is currently being taken onboard and we will implement it in our next patch. 😁

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Yeah someone else had the criticism about the camera. You're totally right! I've raised it and moved the character to the left of the screen more.

I've actually already implemented a fair bit already in terms of the feedback you've mentioned. Dash cool down! Nice idea yeah definitely going in.

Thank so much for your kind words and support.

Awesome Gorey fun arcade madness!

Visuals are great and the minigun is super fun.

Can't wait to see your other projects In future.

I know right haha, what a left turn.

Can't be all doom and gloom. Although that is really what I love to make.

Had a blast making this upbeat happy game. I do hope you enjoy some of my horror stuff.

Not a problem, thanks for reaching out and playing my submission. 

I really enjoyed your Serious Sam style FPS shoot'em up not much to complain about really haha.

as said before by SnowMan_666 got some really awesome Serious Sam vibes! I like the intro and the incorporation of literal 'Juice'. 

looks beautiful and plays and handles well. Great Submission!

haha thanks for the uplifting comment. we worked really hard on this project over the 9 days.

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I don't really know what to say, other than I really enjoyed this! it was really cute and you sold me pretty much instantly with the frog and the music.

Good platforming game. well done.

really neat graphics, was quite difficult didn't get very far but the Music, UI, Sprites and Art style are all tops!

well done, a great submission.

hey dude, really fun air hockey game! man that bot got me haha

just finished rating it, if you would like to check ours out here it is.

Challenging but fun, I used to play the classic glow hockey on my mobile back in early iOS days. I like the way you've made the 3D, the table gave me guitar hero vibes. cool visuals.

Juicy Submission.

wow this is really great! didn't expect this. pixel art is top notch and stylistic combat is cool and unique. The attacks felt very juicy! Cool Soundtrack. I don't think I won but I had a lot of fun playing your game.

Great submission!

Really fun platforming runner, I don't think I got very far but I kept replaying it over and over because it was fun and juicy! Music is a great addition and suits the overall tone.

small nit-pick, I think a dash move or some slow-motion, would be cool and add a little extra variety to player movement.

Otherwise great game.

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Hi @MissyKen, your game is really awesome, I love the vhs pixel vibes. I think I almost got 1000m!

if you would like to see and rate my submission, here's the link :)

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thankyou so much for playing the game, watching your playthrough and receiving your feedback has given me a lot to improve in the games next patch.

I'm going to decrease the fall damage significantly as it's been one of the main criticisms of the game.

The Cutscene ideas with the character are fantastic, and I will implement those.

Also the idea of having a longer mixtape for each level is also great.

I've already vastly improving the final boss battle. Sorry you had to experience that haha.

Thanks for taking the time to get to the end and know the game. It really helps me improve it for future players.

Thankyou for donating your time @zzzlaud!

thanks for playing! @PEV322

Thanks so much for playing our game! I'm glad you enjoyed dashing around.

Yes many people have addressed the fall damage issue, totally onboard and we'll be fixing that after the voting period.

Had to give you 5 stars, truely amazing the work you've done!

The art, and the movement is amazing.

Attacks feel juicy but clean.

Kudos and best of luck in your further development journey.

Adorable game and really nice and fluid animation and movement in general. Great submission.

If you want to check our submission out here it is.

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Thanks very much for your feedback, we really enjoyed your project aswell!

Yeah we are looking to sort some of the issues out when we can do a patch. We're glad you enjoyed the collecting 😁.

This game is quite fun, I unlocked hard mode but got lost looking for the red mug haha.

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Hi guys, I don't know if you're Aussie Devs. But hello from SA.

Found this game to be fun and amusing. the ideas were good and models were great too!

90's style loading screens A+ haha.

Hi, really love your game's art style. very soothing to pickup trash and do some sliding :)

Good submission guys.

this game is really cool, got to the end. didn't have any money left but I got everyone!

Thanks for making this. really great work and an awesome submission.

Love to toon shaders and the 3d work.

fun 'cute' pixel arcade wave game! really enjoyed it. 

Small nit-pick I found the game to be a little bit difficult, and mistook my score for coins initially.

but those are really small things and maybe just me haha.

all in all, well done. great submission!

I really love the cute pixel art style, cool platforming. great work guys!

Thanks SwiftMakesGames, your comments are overwhelmingly positive and we appreciate you giving us your time to review and rate our game.

haha Yeah, we're defiantly going to really tone back the fall damage. 

Yeah haha, it seems the fall damage is a common issue with people. you're totally right! I'm looking to patch some of these issues that are re-occurring for users.

Thanks so much curlyGoblin for taking your time to leave your feedback on our game!

Hi really great work guys, although I did get a little lost at first. It was fun to walk around the apartment and interact with things.

Awesome Submission.

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thanks so much for you awesome feedback scuba Steve! it really means alot I really enjoyed your game aswell. thanks a bunch from us :)

Hi NoahRussell,

I think you're totally right and we seek to patch this in an update. thanks for playing and commenting on our submission. 

all the best for 2023!

Great project, I'm really impressed by your game. nice effects and shooting mechanics. 

small nit-pick: the UI could use a re-design. 

other than that fantastic game and I cant wait to see what else you make in future.

well done! great arcade game. actually a really cool project!

Hi just played your game, really great work. love retro pixel art and you make the game feel very unique and polished. if you feel like checking ours out here it is!