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Fun game! Seems like it would be at home in a Warioware title. :)

While I like the font, the sizing is severely off - a font displayed at 16 point will be massive on the screen.

The music is my personal favorite part about the game. :)

Thanks jjknoxvegas! Zombie noises were organically sourced!

Collectables are a great idea! We definitely had more initially planned for the game, but I spent much longer than expected trying to create the map, so lots of ideas were cut. We actually never even considered having a win state though - that's an interesting idea.

Hey! We used this in the title screen of our game. We passed it by when looking for assets, and we had to come back to it. Thanks for your work!

Here's our game, in case you want to see how we used it. ;)

Hey! Awesome assets! I wanted to say thanks and that we used it in our game Cabin Fever - check it out (or just watch the gameplay video) over here: