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Thank you! Follow me on Twitter or on here to stay up to date! :)

Thank you and sure, go for it. I didn't invent this style. :)

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It's not a predesigned one. I just pick whatever colors fit. ;) When I'll release all the other sprites it will include the color palette tho!

Thank you!

Mostly Aseprite! It's a great tool for pixelart and animation.

I will! Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you! Maybe I will add small tutorials on how I create pixel art later down the road. Might be a good idea!

Every single sprite used in Arclands will be eventually released. This will also include the attack animations for the knight. :)

Thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, I learned so much from stolen assets from old snes games, lol. Only fair to make some of mine free for others to learn from.

Thank you! :)

Thanks Rickson!


6 more days and you can throw your hard earned cash at Arclands!

Get hyped

Not quite yet. But keep your eyes on this space, my mailing list or my Twitter to keep updated!

Thank you! :)

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It makes me really happy that you kept up with Arclands for more than a year now.  Thank you! Sadly I can't really put a price tag on Arclands yet, it's just to  early. Realistically it will be between 15 and 25 bucks though. ;)

Thank you very much! Concerning the artstyle - I always aimed at a Gameboyish Zelda-look, but went a little more high definition. I'm glad you like it!

I use Game Maker Studio 2. I make all artwork in either Photosop or Aseprite!

Thank you, it absolutely is! But since it's just a hobby project as of now it's more or less crawling forward. I'll have some exciting news to share though, soonish.  :)

Thanks man, that makes me very happy! Updates on itch are sparse, if you want to see more regular updates please consider following me on twitter @ jonkellerdev. :)

Thanks mate, I appreciate that a lot! Since I'm working on Arclands only in my spare time things take a while but I'll eventually get there. :)

Thank you! There are more devlogs in the pipeline! :)

Thank you for those kind words, I really appreciate it!

Well thank you!

Can't promise anything yet, but I hope to support as many languages as possible!

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Thank you, that's very flattering! :) I'm currently working hard to get the game on Kickstarter and release a trailer. I reserve for important devlogs and news, if you want to keep up with every little thing about Arclands, the best way would be to follow me on Twitter at! You can also subscribe to my mailing list here:

No, sorry! No demo yet. If you want to keep up to date on development I suggest subscribing to my mailing list here: Thank you!

This is a topic I'll explain in detail in the next devlog. Basically you can control workers individually in a very typical RTS fashion but once you've gave them a job (woodcutter, herbalist, builder...), they'll do everything automatically that relates to that profession (Cuttin wood, gathering herbs and brewing potions, errecting buildings...).

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Thank you. If I can secure the funds to do so - definitely!

No estimates yet sorry. But I'll launch a kickstarter next year which may answer some more questions. 

Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate that. :)

No release date yet, sorry.

Thank you for the kind words!

Oh yeah, sure! Native resolution is half that, so 960x540. Tilesize is 16x16.

Haha, I know that feeling! The good thing about not making the game yourself is, that you can play it without knowing everything beforehand. ;)

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Resolution as in display resolution? I'm developing in 16:9 1080p but I'm hoping to support most common resolutions. Thank you!