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Oh! Really sorry we didn't see this (itch isn't great at notifications). I just had a look on my end and you're quite right. It will work fine if you install it with the client, but as an individual executable it'll break. I'll try look into why for our upcoming release.

Update: this has been resolved

This game is horrifying. I am thoroughly displeased with the experience, and I cannot believe I have to say this, but NOBODY wants to stare at John Madden's bare, flabby arse-cheeks through the 200 hour-long campaign. I mean it was at least engaging the first time, but then after I got to NewGamePlusPlusPlusPlusPlusPlusPlus I felt the edges of my soul being soaked in a vile cesspit of black icker.

You may notice that the game is submitted to another "game jam" on, however please note that this is being used as the submission portal for a university assignment in games design and is not in reality another jam.