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Yeah, grant money!

Good Demo (played 1.0.4).

Exceptional work on the letter-tile layout. I tried everything reasonably possible for comical effect. Liked the shake, mouse-tail and any of the animated UI effects. A+ character blinking.

In terms of feedback, the ending could use a bit of punch towards what is to come. It sets up the premise and mechanics well, but I wasn't left with a "I gotta know what happens next" kind of feeling. A stinger or preview might help (especially if crowdfunding is coming, with the demo as a tool).

Also, using the "X" button to clear 'words-in-progress' wasn't ideal. I tended to try and click on preselected letters in order to "de-select" or "go back to" certain letters in my 'word-in-progress'.

Finally, a real nit-pick, a still image of everyone at the séance table might help pull people into the illusion. Thinking along the lines of Ace Attorney's courtroom shots with all the characters in frame. Seeing the constant table turn left me with this uncanny valley feeling of "is there 4 or 5 people at the table".