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Bearsus is an awesome peculiar fighting game!

Nice game!

Really funny and challenging! Nice Work!

Astraeus 42 is a smooth action-platformer with nice design!

Nice platformer!

Nice 2D Platformer with nice art!

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Nice Puzzle Platformer! The controls could be more responsive but overall the game is well polished and has nice art indeed!

InSpirit is a nice puzzle platformer which features a cool mechanic of the spirit returning to body in order to solve the puzzles!

This puzzle platformer is very good! Really enjoyed the control power feature!

Good platformer!

Nice mini-game!

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good game!

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Nice game!

great game! 

Nice puzzle platformer!

Nice casual game!

Really liked the art and sound of this game! Great Platformer!

Nice game!

Good game!

Great game! I had a lot of fun playing it!

The Cork is an awesome Platformer with beautiful pixel art!

Nice game!

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Cute Platformer! Nice game!

This game is very cool!

A Foggy Day is a relaxing point & click mini-game with nice art and relaxing music!

Now the game is even better! I really enjoyed it!

I really enjoy this game. Well done!

yes around 20 minutes I completed the game, I did it in one run on the gameplay, the last checkpoint is hard not for the enemies on the road but for the pills you must get to reach the post :D

yes I wasted 5/6 hearts to reach the post!

Nice puzzle platformer!

Healthy Man is an awesome Jump ’n’ Run Platformer with nice pixel art!

Artefaktum is a nice relaxing puzzle game with cubes to roll!

Nice mini-game!

Great Platformer! Nice animations!

Very nice game!

Cool game!

Swordswallower is a cool platformer with an heavy blade to carry!

Bunny Eats is a nice platformer to spend time with!

Great platformer!