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Nice game!

Great Fighting game! Good job!

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Cute Platformer! Nice game!

This game is very cool!

A Foggy Day is a relaxing point & click mini-game with nice art and relaxing music!

Now the game is even better! I really enjoyed it!

I really enjoy this game. Well done!

yes around 20 minutes I completed the game, I did it in one run on the gameplay, the last checkpoint is hard not for the enemies on the road but for the pills you must get to reach the post :D

yes I wasted 5/6 hearts to reach the post!

Nice puzzle platformer!

Healthy Man is an awesome Jump ’n’ Run Platformer with nice pixel art!

Artefaktum is a nice relaxing puzzle game with cubes to roll!

Nice mini-game!

Great Platformer! Nice animations!

Very nice game!

Cool game!

Swordswallower is a cool platformer with an heavy blade to carry!

Bunny Eats is a nice platformer to spend time with!

Great platformer!

Nice game!

Cool game!

Nice game! Great animations!

Cool game!

This game is perhaps the fastest game to finish here on itch!

yes I didn't care about rank, only enjoying the game!

This game is definitely above average. Really high quality game with awesome art!
Great job!

Is this game, "Assassin's Creed" of 8-bit era!? Hiro's Escape surely is an incredible game full of fun. This game is a must play!

Asyren is a 2D-platformer with elements that reminds me somehow the classic Prince of Persia. This game has some nice art indeed. It's a good game to play!

April – Fall of Faith is an action-RPG with a nice pixel art remembering classics of the genre like zelda. Cool game!

Knight of Exile is a great platformer with great animations. I really enjoy the shield animation! It is very enjoyable to play!

Thanks! I really enjoyed the game!

Very nice game! Great job!

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I finished the game in 9 minutes in Arcade Mode! 

And I found a bug as you can see in video at 6:10.  There was no place to go. After death the next scene appeared! 

Crown Trick is a turn-based rpg with awesome animations! This game is very cool!

This game is amazing! Really awesome background art and the game is very challenging! Great job!