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I was up for some skullduggery!!   good job guys! 

how do I get here!?


I approve of this strat! 

looks like a good run... we like to see it! wow that Rat King!

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right, I was just wondering if it was difficult to setup. i.e. did you find it too easy? or did you feel like you worked for it? In general, we'd rather not nerf things outright that are fun, only if they break the fun.

We weren't sure whether Element Beast needed adjacency or not. How hard was it for you to setup all the fire? Did you use Chemical Drum?

yes we are seeing this as well.  Aegis has been tricky to balance with a destruction build. thanks for the feedback!

Gamedev is REALLY strong now, blame @ichiro

although all that health seems crazy pants...

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Aegis being protected now is really strong! but you might need it for the up coming Ascensions!

its fixed! thanks for the catch!

woot pew pew! love it!

those only bring pain!

no!! I don't wanna make a Deal With Myself!!

we haven't set the schedule yet for that week, but we hope to do a few streams like that.

Yes! Different starting groups has been talked about and we are looking into that!

We are also doing more broad synergies to allow you to get out of tough spots when you need to...and also just to help keep the game exciting.

We are doing NextFest on Steam on the 19th of this month, that version will have more experimental updates, so be sure to check it out! 

yes! awesome job!


yes Ghost description will be updated.  Ghosts are unique in that they cannot be destroyed or protected, they decided themselves when they will leave!
Thanks for playing!

yes this is a bug. thank you!

oh my goodness!

YES! love it!

very nice!

yup that's a bug! I found it... thank you!

thank you for this find! 

ah interesting idea though!

they aren't supposed to be friends, but I supposed even Lex Luther needed Superman...

The Ascetic is a challenging piece to balance but I feel like you handled this well!

this is great!


we love the Dog Catcher, we want it to do more!

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yes, this was by design if you picked 3 thieves.  of course I said to Ichiro: "who would ever do that?" 

thanks for these! yes we are currently working with these very issues, we've taken a lot of similar feedback and are hoping to implement something that works better!

We will look at this and most other pieces for the Steam version.  Thanks for the feedback!

I see both issues! thanks for letting me know!

yes this is a known issue, and it may happen with some other pieces that are being reset in between bosses. Working on it!

Yes you are right! We need to look at Rats I think and tweak them anyhow.

its finally fulfilling it's plant-destiny!

yes, I think what is happening is something else is marking the book for destruction.  Books will only merge with other books that are not marked for destruction.  This will be fixed. thanks!