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🎮 Level selector. #screenshotsaturday

Rhino mini-boss. 

Created a rhino mini-boss that the orcs have to avoid. Also, you have to build a path for them. The rhino pauses briefly at the end of the path for about 4 seconds. So getting all orcs across safely is all about timing. 

In the future, I would like to build upon this AI mechanic, as well as, add a timer to the game. 

The mini-boss occurs after a player completes the tutorial.


Hey everyone!

Been a while since I last posted and I apologize. In this latest post, I’m getting back to developing. Currently working on a title screen for the game. I’m using a component called iTween to animate the buttons. 

The buttons feel very responsive as a user hovers and clicks on them. And I’m thinking I may make all the buttons in the game have a similar user interface feel. 

Wip title menu, using iTween to animate. 

Breaking crates and lowering the drawbridge. #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #indiegamedev #gamedev #madewithunity #isometric #puzzle #thelostorcs

How I’m creating Sound FX for the game

In this devlog, I’m creating sound effects for the game. To make these sounds, I’m using the trumpet, wooden blocks, cardboard boxes, drum sticks, my voice and more. And using Audacity to edit the sounds.

For example, I’m using my voice to make a bubble pop sound that occurs when the level loads each item. A coat hanger is used to make the whooshing sound, which is used for window popups that appear and disappear.

I hit together two metal tools for when the orcs collect gold coins and stomp on a cardboard box for the crate smashing ability. 

With these sounds, Audacity can take one sound and make a large amount of variations, which in turn creates a brand new sound. I’ve been using this technique to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in the game. 

At the end of the video, I show a montage of the sound effects I’m using and how I’m using them in the game.

Stacking blocks to get the orcs to their exit safely.

Video Dev Log #3

I’m tweaking game design with unlocked and locked abilities. Abilities will also have a defined limited amount. 

Some gameplay footage of the conveyor belt is shown here. It showcases the speed upgrade. 

Can the Orcs Run Fast Enough?

Can the Orcs Run Fast Enough?

Currently, there are two versions of the conveyor belt. One moves the objects from point A to B. And the other, drops the objects. 

Making my indie game JUICY - Dev Log 3

Making my indie game JUICY - Dev Log 3

I apologize, it’s been a while since I last uploaded a DevLog. I’ve been super busy, but I’m hoping to create more of a consistent schedule.

Have a good one,

  • Jon

Working on a new obstacle - the conveyor belt. And looking to enhance gameplay by making building blocks have a quantity, instead of unlimited amounts. 

Conveyor belt obstacle.

Hello everyone!

Currently, when loading a level, a fading animation occurs. Its simple, but doesn't appear like a lot is going on. I think with some tweening and scaling animations when the level loads, it appears more lively for the player. The level elements start at a scale of zero, then scale up to their original size. 

With this effect, it feels like the elements are popping out of thin air or being placed on the grid magically. I believe it looks better.

Below is an example of the effect when there is an animation vs no animation. 

I'm going to be using tweening animations like this throughout the game, including with the user interface. I believe it will help bring more life to clicking and hovering over buttons. 

Have a great weekend!

Simple Pause Menu. 

Orcs smashing crates with sword ability. 

The orcs used in the game. #screenshotsaturday

The orcs are building bridges! One of four actions the orcs are allowed to do. 

I'm thinking that levels can incorporate completely empty grid spaces, needing bridges to cross. Working on another video dev log to showcase all actions.

new title image. 

New title graphic for my indie puzzle prototype.


Hello everyone! 

I'm implementing Grid Action Tiles for the orcs. With these tiles, the orcs will step on them, granting them an ability to help with the puzzle. 

Currently, I have 4 abilities I'm working with. 

1. Hammer - Orcs can build a bridge over empty grid tiles

2. Sword - Orcs can break up objects in their path

3. Lifesaver - Gives the orcs the ability to float on water

4. Speed Up - Boosts the orcs' speed by a lot

Grid Action Tiles

Grid Action Tiles - Granting orcs different abilities when stepped on

Working on a game-play video to show-case how each ability works and another video dev log. 

Until then, cheers!



Great job!

I ran out of fuel! Great music and concept!

Haha. Nice.

Even the first level was super tough! Great concept. And I'm a big fan of the music. Great job!

Nice game. Enjoyed the music and simple controls. Great job!

lol. Thank you for playing!

150 seconds? Wow, great job!

So the bear is supposed to accelerate over time. At 150 seconds, he was probably faster than QuickSilver lol. Thank you for your feedback!

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It was enjoyable being able to knock enemies down simultaneously. It became difficult when I rotate with the mouse, but the cursor would go outside the window, causing the game to lose focus. Throwing the boomerang was fun though. Great job!

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Interesting idea. I enjoyed using the mouse to move the character. (It felt like I was using a slingshot to throw the character). It was difficult at times to get past specific platforms. Had to get better at aiming the cursor. I could only get to the 3rd platform. Reverse helped, but there was one platform that was extremely high up. Maybe a direction indicator for the player would help? Good job!

Wow! Good record. You must have had those flags ready to go! Ah will have to fix that. I have the rock and the flag spawning randomly, but there's a case they collide. Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the intro.

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Thank you!  Lol, yea that bear was not happy. 


Ah, no problem! Thanks. 

Simple and fun. The flag is chasing Mario! That was good. Great job!

I accidentally clicked the tutorial again. Is there no skip button? Love the fluid nature of the user interface. Great job!

Ah! O that's cool. Thanks for explaining it better. I got about 3 platforms with a flag planted. Challenging!