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Jon Bednez

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Great job!

I ran out of fuel! Great music and concept!

Haha. Nice.

Even the first level was super tough! Great concept. And I'm a big fan of the music. Great job!

Nice game. Enjoyed the music and simple controls. Great job!

lol. Thank you for playing!

150 seconds? Wow, great job!

So the bear is supposed to accelerate over time. At 150 seconds, he was probably faster than QuickSilver lol. Thank you for your feedback!

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It was enjoyable being able to knock enemies down simultaneously. It became difficult when I rotate with the mouse, but the cursor would go outside the window, causing the game to lose focus. Throwing the boomerang was fun though. Great job!

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Interesting idea. I enjoyed using the mouse to move the character. (It felt like I was using a slingshot to throw the character). It was difficult at times to get past specific platforms. Had to get better at aiming the cursor. I could only get to the 3rd platform. Reverse helped, but there was one platform that was extremely high up. Maybe a direction indicator for the player would help? Good job!

Wow! Good record. You must have had those flags ready to go! Ah will have to fix that. I have the rock and the flag spawning randomly, but there's a case they collide. Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the intro.

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Thank you!  Lol, yea that bear was not happy. 


Ah, no problem! Thanks. 

Simple and fun. The flag is chasing Mario! That was good. Great job!

I accidentally clicked the tutorial again. Is there no skip button? Love the fluid nature of the user interface. Great job!

Ah! O that's cool. Thanks for explaining it better. I got about 3 platforms with a flag planted. Challenging!

Interesting idea! My golf ball hit a couple people lol. 

Not sure what the 'conquer' button does, but the game play was fun. Couldn't find the flag? It's a cool concept. Good job!

That was tough! Still can't get past the final level. I enjoyed the mechanics very much. Trying to get the timing down. Great job!

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Cool idea. I kept getting stuck when jumping on the platforms with what appeared to be an invisible barrier. Great first game though. I made it to the 3rd platform. Thank you for your entry. Good job!

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Not sure where the game file is to run this? Exe? Rar? Is it the plist file? 

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Wish I could play! Don't have a second player at the moment. I enjoyed the music and visuals!

Very satisfying effect. Pick up item, put in cannon and fire. I enjoyed the music and love the water effects. Great game!

Cool idea! Enjoyed the art very much and pushing the boxes was definitely a challenge. Didn't hear any sound or music? 

Overall, I really enjoyed the puzzles. Great job!

Interesting concept. I went into a frenzy, the snakes weren't being eaten? It would be great to have an indicator of how many worms the player has currently eaten or mole current health.

Love the graphics and the sound. The font on the buttons reminds me of Mario. And I enjoyed the intro sequence and story.

Great job!

Unique and challenging! Great job! 

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I'll try fixing those bugs after the jam. :) Hehe.

I like that the game is simple and easy to play. The level generator is awesome. At times, the level went from easy to hard. Great concept. I couldn't hear any sound? My highest score was 15 points. Great job!

I downloaded the project. After extracting the folder, it wouldn't let me run the game. I changed the Game Jame_Data folder name to Flag_Data and it worked. 

At first I thought there was no sound, then I saw the toggle was off by default. 

I like the theme implementation and the intro. The guy kicking the flag off. And the ability to hug the wall and jump. Great job! 

I enjoyed the minions following the flag. It was definitely laggy though. I got stuck at the bridge and wasn't sure what to do. Overall, I liked the concept. (I got one minion to survive the rocks lol). Great job! 

Lol. I'm glad you liked the intro. Thank you.

Thank you!

Ah gotcha. Thanks for checking this out! What parts of the gameplay can I improve upon?

O wow. Great record! Thanks for playing!

Will the orcs survive the quad cannon? 

First devlog involving video.