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Really nice game! Nice that it kept introducing new mechanics throughout the levels. Feels very nice and polished.

Hi Zen, I'm sorry to hear that you are stuck! :( We've just released a huge update. Please let me know on if you are still experiencing problems.

Thank you for playing! I've just uploaded the newest Episode 2 update to if you want to try it too :)

Really cool! I like how simple it is and yet so fun to play. Very well executed!

Hi there mochaa_teddi! I'm sorry that the game doesn't work for you. To try and fix this, we will need some more information.

Please send us an email at with the log and save files attached. You can find the files by opening windows explorer and pasting this path: "%appdata%\..\LocalLow\Triple Topping\Dead Pets Demo" without the quotes. Please include all files in that folder.

Thanks, Jonathan @ programmer at TripleTopping

Hi there jgmarsar! Thank you :)

That means you're still on the old 1.0 version of Ynglet. If you're downloading directly from, then you have to go to the main page and download Ynglet again. If you're using the app, then go to your library and find Ynglet under installed games. Now right click on it, and select check for updates. This should start downloading the latest version.