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Very cool concept, classic and awesome Blackthornprod graphics, and most of all; fun!

Great game! Simplistic, yet fun

Fantastic game! Loved it!
Although I would like to warn you guys about a bug that happens if you jump onto the witch. When you exit the buy menu you'll collide with the NPC again and open the shop menu again. You can break out of this, but it takes some time

Really fun game! Would love to see this be turned into a full game with better graphics, more levels, more mechanics, etc.
(P.S: I didn't find out about the "YEET" thing until a couple of minutes ago. Blew my mind)

Thank you so much for your reply! I'll be sure to check out the website! Keep making amazing games!

Thank you so much for your help! It's a shame that the you're not working on the game anymore, but I respect your decision. Hope that you'll keep making amazing games like this one!

Extremely good game! It reminds me of factorio and mindustry, but this is a more calm and casual experience! I'm only playing in the browser version but I have a few suggestions...
-You can't place things on top of deposits, which can be extremely limiting if you're making big conveyor systems. I would like to be able to place things on top of deposits, or have the ability to remove the deposits and replace it with ground.
-I would LOVE to have a save feature on the browser version. It sucks to know that your progress isn't going to get saved. It would also be easy to implement. Lots of browser games have save systems.
Overall; Great game! 8-9/10

Silence is consent: The game

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This game is amazing, but I would love to have a sandbox gamemode with no time limit, or some way to keep playing with your network after the game's done (don't know if it exists in the downloaded version; I've only played the browser version)

This game is actually really fun when you start to understand it. But I'm playing on a browser, so it sucks that when you inevitably have to close your computer/browser, all your progress is gone. No idea if there even is a save feature in the download version, but if there isn't you should add it IMMEDIATELY!

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Cleaning babies?

I recently got a baby moved into a hut and I gave him some clothes. But so long he became filthy. I've tried giving him other clothes and washing the old ones but as soon as he equips them, they're dirty. Please help?

I wish this was accesible for us windows users...