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Sweet little jumper game. Made it to level 5 at least 😅. Would have loved some variation in the jumping sound, and some background music that would allow me to sync my jumps with the beat, to not go to fast or to slow (like in a rythm game).

It’s on mobile, just open this page in your mobile browser 😉

Nice concept! Really liked the aesthetic of a black and white photo based platformer.

Thanks! ❤️

Indeed 😁

Hey! wait! what?! Did I get tricked 😂

Sweet little game! It’s reminds me of the mobile game PinOut by Mediocre. Runs perfectly on my Windows AMD gaming laptop (Asus ROG G14), even on energy saving battery mode.

But seems to be a bug where I can’t unlock the endless mode. Just says I’m gonna play 3 more times to unlock it. But after 3 times, it says the same thing.

Its probably running Unitys old input system. Then you need to plug in the controller BEFORE you start the game.

And here I thought Dima had created something else then voxels 😂. Looks great though!

Cute :) Is the art lowpoly and then transformed to pixel art during render, or are there some other tricks here?