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Thank you!!

Hi! What's  the Unity Version for this source code to build this project?

thank you!

HI~are these monsters animated or static?

thank you!

thank you for your reply.  so they are not designed specifically for game maker , are they?

Hi!Archeia, What's the format of your assets? are they suitable for other game engines or they're just for GameMaker?

By the way, what's included in this assets: ?

Hi, are they animations(attack, idle, dead,etc) or sprite?

nice job!!!

thank you very much

if I bought it ,can i use it in commercial games?

If I bought this assets, can i use it in commercial games?

OK,I'll contact you when you finish all of them, right now, I can use the flash version in my game. 

by the way, I like your package assets. The characters and monster are cute but unique.

In flash ones  it have only 4 key frames in each animation, which makes the animation don't look much smooth, you mean in spine ones you solve the problem? If it is, can I redownload your new animations? 

I bought the bundle assets pack, it's 20 characters and about 100+ monsters ( I can't remember the precise number, may be between 100 and 130)

I don't know whether you have add any new animations? 

I bought this pack two years ago for totally 150 USD.....

thank you very much for your reply.

Sorry for my  poor English, I still can‘t get you, you mean the Dragon Tier is PSD? not  animation?

I see there are spine and dragon bone source files in Dragon Tier in your snapshot,are these source files full resolution? or pixels?

I’m confusing because I see the monster in Dragon Tier is pixels

The static in Wisp Tier is a high resolution while the animation in Dragon Tier is pixel , confusing…...

I just look at the snapshot but not the text style in the pic ,  I know why I didn't find the differences before.

thank you for your reply.


what's the differences between this one and

thank you!

I got it,I’m planning to use your assets to make a RPG game

Thank you ! do you have any plans to make the rest of static to animated ones?

Does this mega pack contains animations and their dragon projects

or just  static sprites?

How many monsters in this pack and are they static or animated?

I got it,btw, I thought it's a full resolution animation format like this one. thank you!

Forgive my poor English, I still don't got your meaning,   sorry : (

I've download your example and there is a [Full Body Portrait] folder,  it's not pixel style, so is there any animation in that style?  thank you!

Hi, why the character is pixel style but the monster is not?

it's a little bit weird, but I love your works!!! very much!!

Hi, How many monsters and characters(dragon format) in this pack?

Thank you!

hello! Aekashics, thanks for your reply , and sorry for my english

I saw lots of your brillant artworks in your community,  

but I'm little confused about the wisp tier and dragon tier when I saw the snapshot of your assets. 

the wisp tier is about static monsters just like the  samples on the right side of this comments,  but I found that the monters in dragon tier is pixel assets, so the spine and dragonbone animations is pixels, not the animated ones of the static monsters in wisp tier ?

thank you for your reply

best wishes!

Could you make some characters for example: archer,knight,mage,monk etc.

Thank you very much! I got it! I thought credits may be some symbol or money equivalent in before your explanation.

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Your gameassets is so lovely and cute, I really love it. and  I'd like to use it in my commerial game project,  I read the policy that I should provide proof of credits, cause this is my first time come across this term " credit",what's that term and how can I provide it? thank you for your reply :D

OK!I’m looking forward that

I really love your assets very very much, but what makes my confused is that all your assets were posted in many parts, and if I wanna buy them to make my own game projects, I don't know which one I should buy, do you have some bundles for sale ? including all the avatars and monsters, psd and skeleton projects, so I can bought that one. thanks for you reply  :   )

I really really love your assets, its so amazing!!!

Do you have some assets bundles that contains all the skeleton and static projects for sale? thanks for your reply : )

I really love you game assets, do you have a bundle that contains all the PSD and dragonbone projects? how many characters and monsters in it and how much? : )

hi~ do you have some icon sets about armors, weapons and other items?

I got male and female characters, but no GUI and monsters.  I think it would be perfect if your have a bundle of all assets to build a game project.  maybe they are coming soon, I'm looking forward that. :)

amazing works, by the way, do you have  GUI and characters and monsters?