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Good Game! You got Potential with the Horror Genre

Very Lovey short game and with a Nice Message!

Excellent Job! had good atmosphere and audio and immersion

Nice! Very Spooky and good with setting the atmosphere

I Liked it! it had fun characters and i felt bad for them but also glad they got to move on, Good Game. 

Very Creepy, good work 

Very Heavy and emotional game, nice work 

Very Spooky and Unnerving! Can't wait for the full game.


Very Creepy, Good Work! sounds were on point 

Very Creepy game, I Like the uneasiness the baby gives you 

Spooky, I liked this game! short spooky experience

Hauntingly Beautiful, Lovely Experience

Amazing Experience! I played a bit of it when I first Started my channel a while ago and it was very well done, The Colors and lighting with her glowing red eyes and the sounds. I'll Have to revisit this game since it's been most likely updated since then but I'll make sure to give it a proper video once i do 

Sweet Job! Very Spooky 

Love it! Cute little Halloween adventure that I played during the summer cause i just couldn't wait 

I enjoyed the Experience! The Talks were interesting and it was a nice short game and break from reality in a sense before that reality came crashing back. *have some Stars*

Awwww This was very cute and adorable, i Liked the story and how things turned out, Kudos!

Junji Ito has some great horror stories and you did a great job bringing this one to life! very nice short horror experience

Very Creepy Game! I like the artstyle and the use of shadows with the red colors, Well Done Experience 


I Really Liked The Game! Even without the monster at the end the tension of the situation was already scary enough since it's things that actually do happen in that Job, 9.5/10

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I got an account to comment now but Great Game! Pretty Spooky and gives me two ideas on what happened whether literal or Metaphorical.