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Jon Kennel

A member registered May 06, 2019

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Very engaging. Excellent music and art.

Hi Michael, 

The game looks nice. The gameplay concept is interesting enough. I only played the first few levels but I had some initial thoughts. 

I would suggest changing the Dash from 'S' to something like the 'space bar'. My instinct was to press 'S' to go down, but I would end up dashing into a fiery rock. I'm sure we as players could get used to it, but it seems to cause unnecessary confusion (at least for me).

Also, the "cursor" (that looks like the flower) in the level select screen moves far too slow. This makes the level selection process feel tedious.

The UI design could use some work as well, imo. Looks a bit generic and some assets (the game over screen comes to mind) don't fit well with the established aesthetic.

Overall, I think it's a cool game though. I know you're probably too far in the development right now so take my feedback for what it's worth; just thought I'd give you some since you asked for it haha... 

I wish you the best. 

- Jon

Love the aesthetic. Great work.