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I’m not sure if you guys remember me but I was he guy who was here near the beginning of the game (before and above 0.1.3)I was the guy who gave you the ideas like the seagulls. I’m amazed at how far you guys have gone with the game, I think I might start getting involved with the game again

just click on the link below, your able to comment on anything in the document

OH, Hey! I figured out the meatrack problem x3, Boy there's a lot to do when you start

Eh, I hate doing this kind of post but, "It's in the title/the title says all"

I love how it seems like it takes everyone 3 tries until there able to actually succeed x3

I'm assuming

you should forward images of that bug to: and the error log (if any)

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I think the devs would appreciate if you could send some screenshots of it leading up to the event and the error dialog (if any) to

When is the next update scheduled for release?

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I'm currently now able to and playing your game, I'll post what bugs I find on the google doc I made so I don't flood your comment section (trying to be courteous):  D: and It's more or less my first impressions:

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I do have a few ideas that I think would be nice, (I'm not judging or nagging at you to add any of these I just think these would be cool concepts to add):

· Adding Energy like little lightning bolts by the hearts of the figures. · Decaying storage piles or piles would ware out over time. · Hammocks: (between two trees) would probably made by gathered leaves, just a place for figures to sleep, and should probably ware out over time to, (I think "blocks" wearing out over time would be a cool concept, randomized durabilities to keep it fresh would add realism to the game. · Seagulls attacking your craft, · Seaborn Sicknesses · Rotting of rafts and fungus? · Seasons would be nice, would also add difficulty to the game during winter. · A day count. Slowly sailing and perhaps the occasional octopus attack :P ooh, you could acquire ink from squids. · A character stat tab · Fishing boat station! · Drop hollowed bones (like buckets) to the bottom and pickup random things like mud to grow trees. · Slowly sailing to different areas to acquire different things. ·Reeling up sunken treasure chest and having to put someone to work unlocking the chest? Finding glass bottles (with corks) that reveals lore to the game! · Salty lemonade, able to be created with ocean water, fresh squeezed lemonade and a bottle! · Sawfish cutting your raft. · Assigning a personal "Captain Status" ( later in the game after start), the captain will be able to direct orders, (would be good for larger colonies) but like pirates the captain could be overthrown. (In my head adding missions or a straightforward lore to the game wouldn't add to much replayablity, (like a storyline that you HAVE to follow I don't really like, but snippets of a story in the background would be cool.) · Being able to rotate the entire raft 90 degrees like a  "vwoosh" and still let it be a view from like that 45 would be awesome! · Making maps with ink (from squids)! And here's this for different types of fish:

Like I said these are just my ideas and I'm not telling, nor nagging  you to add a single one of them. And you can edit them if you like, I just think these would be cool! :D

Also, anyone (else) reading this, reply with a "Yes" if you would help green light the game on steam! 

(I'm gonna stop commenting for a little bit now so i don't spam everything, sorry.)

Could more sharks be attracted if one character has died? and what about fish (storage) piles, and then the sharks would be a little more likely to target the fish pile?

I'll try the Mac version tomorrow, still watching the status on your wonderful game and I hope to see more content to it! 100% Worth expanding upon!

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can I get quite cute little wallpaper of the two characters sitting on a raft with a tree, a fishing rod and a camp fire with your pretty ocean! xD

I would pay $10 for a game like this (if it was put on steam), it's a really cool concept! I love it, if there was more to the game perhaps like tad bits of lore or treasure finding while fishing would be neat, although I can't play it (Mac user, tsk, tsk, I know) I love the game, the concept and I'd attempt to support all the way!