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This is a great game! Very good at passing the time! Highly recommend that you buy this and give it a go!:D

A really great game concept! I highly recommend that you play it! :D

Creepy Atmosphere! I recommend giving it a go! :D

Great game! Lots of potential! :D

This game is awesome! HIghly reccomend it! :D

I made a short series on this game! Feel free to come over and see if you would like to buy it! (I highly recommend it! Plus I had done some voice acting!).

Thank you very much! :D

Ahh thank you! Well I was just wondering if it was ok to keep the background music from the game in the video? (only for when I am playing the game and not to use it as my own work). Also If it would be ok to monitize the video?


Hi! I have a YouTube channel and I am creating a short series on this game. I was just wondering whether the music in the game is royalty free? I absolutely love the game and I thought it would be perfect to play and add a little bit of voice acting to the characters! Although it isn't a problem if I can't use the music.

-Jake (YouTube channel = JOLIV3R)