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think about it

Man's gotta be able to afford bread! The developer ultimately made this in *their* time so its *their* choice what to do with it

pretty good but the thumbnail isnt properly centered nor cropped

that was quick haha thanks

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hi, at 1920x1080 fullscreen it does not scale properly and the text becomes hard to read 

Probably hard to port, or just a very small playerbase which means bugs won't have priority etc.

Fun, but doesn't work with the itch client as the file isnt a normal archive.

Although I also would like that, the shaders don't work properly (at least for some games) as I got one of them to build a linux version of an earlier game. It was unplayable. Might've been something on my end but even then I understand its too much work for them.

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Yes, i have. You have to export to the different platforms though.

Won't run on linux. Itch client says "Nothing that can be launched was found."

You can also make the game normally, and then (before the deadline) you can click the submit button and it will give you a drop-down of all the games you have and then you can submit the one you uploaded the normal way.

what platform?

Feedback noted and will be incorporated in a future update. To answer the thing with the laser, it has a cool-down period and will make a noise when its ready again, though i understand that and other things were not very clear.

Doesn't work on linux even though you marked it as such. When i run it using wine it just looks like this:

Awesome! Thank you for giving it another shot! You were definitely still right, though :)

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Yeah i had no sound effects, probably because i was running it through an emulator, ill leave the sound category blank so it doesnt affect your rating. Edit: it's not possible but ill see what i can do.

Aww man did you try the easy mode? After a few minuts you get an auto unlockable. Thanks for the feedback though, ill probably fix the progression after the jam!

Fun. It was cool that you unlocked ships as you played, instead of sticking to the roguelike way of no cross-save-progression. Managed to get to 724 but once my shields ran out i hardly stood a chance! Some sound effects would have really added to the experience.

Spooky, but i liked it and think the beaction thing spawning away made it more enjoyable.

Conatct itch support

What DirectX version does this use? It wont launch.


Very original and fun! Wondering if you will continue to develop this?

I've tried running it manually and through the launch button on Nothing works. Stays in task manager for a while then dissapears. Only uses 10-15MiB ram.

I used SteamVR.

Just closes when i try to open it on WMR.

Cool game. Pressing "i" gives you full power though.

I really enjoyed it. Reminds me of VIDEOBALL. Worked fine on latest Firefox build.

Thanks :)

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You wont catch me either way :>

that was wierd

Well it works for me!

I enjoyed playing this! Only negatives was what atleast felt like a low frame rate. Also the camera because it had to be at "pixel positions". Other than that, fun!

It would be nice.

I guess but how are people to rate it?

Fun game. There were some glitches/bugs but i genuinely enjoyed it. If there is one thing i had to point out its that the movement was a bit off at times.

Fun game! I got to 52.

Hey, glad you liked it. Sorry for late response but you hold left and right at the same time.

Thanks for sharing!