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I've tried running it manually and through the launch button on Nothing works. Stays in task manager for a while then dissapears. Only uses 10-15MiB ram.

I used SteamVR.

Just closes when i try to open it on WMR.

Cool game. Pressing "i" gives you full power though.

I really enjoyed it. Reminds me of VIDEOBALL. Worked fine on latest Firefox build.

Thanks :)

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You wont catch me either way :>

that was wierd

Well it works for me!

I enjoyed playing this! Only negatives was what atleast felt like a low frame rate. Also the camera because it had to be at "pixel positions". Other than that, fun!

It would be nice.

I guess but how are people to rate it?

Fun game. There were some glitches/bugs but i genuinely enjoyed it. If there is one thing i had to point out its that the movement was a bit off at times.

Fun game! I got to 52.

Hey, glad you liked it. Sorry for late response but you hold left and right at the same time.

The one that worked was fun but i could not jump in the two that required that.

Awesome game especially when made in such a short timespan! Would have donated if i had money :P

Nice game. Only negatives is some obvious bugs and that you cannot choose screen size.

RUN! community · Created a new topic ProTip

Hello there!

It seems you are using Unity and i have a protip for you!

Click your sprites and select Point for filter or something like that instead of Bill... or Tril...

Ok bye.

Hi there!

I have been playing your game for a while and i like it a lot! I am just curious about how long you (guys?) have been working on the game?

Thanks :).

Its "1HP" in case you are wondering! :)

It's stuck at the download should start momentarily. In the client it just cancels automatically.