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alright I'll try next time, thanks for the tip!

Is dorodoro unbeatable or do I just suck that much? Because i have the strongest gear with scrolls and I got close but still failed, unless it's my healing items.

thanks! <3

is there a way to max out yor relationship with the characters when you finish th story so far?


Oh, it's alright.

Is there a second page in the gallery? I have a missing picture in the gallery ( the last one, wich i can't figure out how to find, i'm pretty sure i tried everything) i tought that it might not have been implemented, but the new rock CG isn't in the 1rst page of the gallery.

Heck yeah! Beach episode!

So in the free version, the only route is Dyllan?

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I've encounter a problem with the last, 3 to 5 last updates and i don't know if it's "intentional" or like that for everyone.So basically, my PC refuse to aknowledge Richard as a part of the game, giving me the: "an exception occured" every time he's on screen and/or talk. Is there a way to fix this? 

Here i was, reading while listening to jojo ops, and then day 9 with hoss. In just 10 minutes he became a frecking S tier character for me.