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Yeah, I have some balancing to do, and I may have to do some tweaks cause I hear some players have too much going on. If however, I get more people to send me sprites for enemies, I could change turrets to be different for different kinds of enemies

ah yes, I have checked up on those things. It is considered by your processing speed that affects the game. I apologize for the inconvenience, I have not tried the game to a large enough group to fully test it. There have been other players that have gone well that did a lets play still. The game has a korean lets play which had so many views and it ran smoothly. Again I apologize for the inconvenience, I am unable to repair this problem due to a lack of a working computer.

XD thanks for playing the game. I love the thumbnail and I do understand the comments about the game. It really gives a good feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it and it was pretty much the end from where you were I would've loved it if you see the small ending but I apologize for the bugs that keep happening.