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maybe it would  be hard proof it there game with out glitched it is ,and it would also mean they would be claiming the glitch mess is there game and might not  want to pay someone to do that

how that  going, will  bet out this year or next year?

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well it not since you have set up ,where does not cost money to download it but have no file to download... mean  if you did payed there still be no file to download... also it annoying how free but  i can't play  in a emulator or  on a flash cart and  you can,t even pay for  psychical cart  since there solded out...

will there be a psychical version,since i don't want to pay for a digital file.

why did you take the download down?

will this get a psychical cart version ?

flash is gone and i want see this ,i palyed the meme verssion of game but nowi wantto see yours

this  month?

i wonder went this be on psychical cart this year

to bad this game got cancelled

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so you had carts for sale but the page says it's In development so that would mean the carts you sold are not even be the finished version mean there prototype carts what you  needed to pay for...

why do i hear no audio?

if it going to be on Android  but not consoles so does that count nintendo switch since i know some  games are mobile games also get switch version some times.

if this is only early access is the full version going on stream or consoles like  among us or still only  going to be on

will this download be free?

is this game in English yet and if it is  will  be on consoles like devil too

where is the download link?

is there any thing to do in this yet?

i don't understand why you would need pay to download a rom but i was think  of mayeb one next consoles i should get is a nes,so do  have this on cart

English pls

is there more then one ending?

 great game


went will game not be a prototype anymore

why does game try to ask for 10k dollars

and it only lasts untill 2025

cool,great work



Looks Cute

can you make more of this

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oh brother this guy stinks

can you show video proof of this

did you find a wrong warp?

why can,t i download this

so are you the maker of foxyland and how is it going.since both games use the same sprites and both have cherries both have the double jump.

well if this is GBA based it can,t have online sicne gba  uses link cables

to bad this aint a Nes  rom i can,t play this on ezflash cart

to bad this aint a real sega genesis game