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love this! can't wait to see it more polished up!

very fun! I feel like this could very easily be expanded into a full game! The only criticism I have is that I think you should focus on fixing (or optimizing) the code so that the animations and movement work smoothly.

That was amazing! I was wondering if there is anything you can do after they accept your offer

The only thing I'd change is adding a little dot or something to show when you've got something new on the evolution tab (or species tab) that you haven't seen yet.

So controls sorta work on chrome now, but for me at least the jump and screen transitions (as well as just falling) are really buggy and glitch out consistently.

pls fix chrome, i like the idea but this game is buggy as hell

I really like this idea and I think it'd be great with a couple minor things, like making it so the scrolling is more smooth and the dash/increased run speed doesn't make the backdrop look like you're teleporting because i found this pretty disorienting.