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Just finished chapter 2 and I've been loving the game so far and I love a lot of the game design decisions that you have made though there were some that I was not to big a fan of though they mostly revolved around the combat.


1) In combat there are words like high evasion, low defense, etc. This really doesn't help me make an informed decision during combat as at times it feels like I am landing headshots after headshots but at others I keep missing. Though if this lack of information is intentional for story reasons I guess it makes sense

2) Switching equipments is a pain as I have no way to really compare stats for items which isn't to big of a deal just choose the biggest number. However for characters like Ivan who doesn't fight giving him the biggest number sometimes results in him getting an attack buff which he can't use

3) I often feel like I am encouraged to fight just to for the chance to get better equipment for unavoidable fights. I know you can avoid fights and most fights are easy but in a game about someones struggle about his past killings it just doesn't sit well with me.

4) What does Agility and Luck do?

minor nitpicks 

1) some enemies seem to be incorrectly labeled in certain fights such as the one in the NSB headquarters or the drones only having one target option at times (this may be a Mac issue)

2) In Germany you mentioned us carrying guns around as a problem but part of are arsenal is a sniper rifle (how are we carrying this around unseen?

3) My wool beanie is giving me more defense than my military grade helmet XD

4) why does using skills drain morale? (I just reasoned that these moves put more of a mental strain thereby lowering morale)

5) For the break out scene why give us multiple choices for breaking out when we have to hid under the bed? Was it just to add more dialogue to flesh out the characters? I have a habit of trying to see were all the choices lead me and I was surprised that this one just reverted me to the same choice but just with "seduce him removed" (not that I really wanted to do that)

Now comes the pros (buckle up its a long list)

1) The morale system is amazing as it causes players that are just interested in combat to be absorbed into the story even if they are just trying to get morale for the next fight

2) The fact that morale can't be regenerated by resting makes for interesting decisions as it makes each skill use a calculated decision

3) The plethora of mundane healing items seemed weird and "cluttery" at first but I made a point of saving at least one of each item as I guessed it would be wise for story reasons. I was so glad when that chocolate bar I saved allowed me further character interactions!

4) Having a dedicated non combat character in a combat situation was rather unique and just adds a new dimension to fights (even if Ivan is unreliable when it comes to his wristbands) 

5)The fact that the weapons have unique "effects" in combat. Such as not being able to aim with certain weapons or certain weapons hitting multiple times. Although the latter does nothing as it doesn't seem that each hit has its own hit calculation its still an interesting bit of flavoring to each character.

6) The fact that certain characters can't equip certain items adds personality to each character even without saying anything. I can just imagine the girls turning down the old belt when I try to equip it.

7)The use of language to lock the world around you was also very good in my opinion as it shows how out of place the characters are. That and it seems that perhaps you know the language or someone who does? I only know a little German so I can't say but regardless its a great way to lock off content in a manner that feels organic

8)The swapping of characters was also a nice touch. You aren't afraid to take away characters from the team temporarily allowing for new dynamics that would otherwise not have been possible.

9) I really enjoy the music of the game. Its nothing spectacular in the grand action packed sense. But rather its very calming and creates a sense of ambiance that I really like sorta as if you were just observing the lives of people around you even though you are the MC the music makes it feel like your not. I have 24 hours on this game now mostly due to me just keeping the game open for the music

10) The quests are really good too! You don't need to do them and you have to find them organically which is really neat and really emphasizes the fact that you are one life in a world of many lives as even though I could look at all the quests I never felt like I needed to. The rewards were nothing game changing and only further adds to the sense that these were ordinary people.

11) The characters felt really good to interact with too. They might have each began interactions as a sort of game device to move the story forward but they each felt like actually people with more of a story as the game progressed. I especially loved the one on one time with the characters and I look forward to being in control of other characters.

12) The art in this game is great! I understand how only important characters get images (is this the correct term?) but even without that I don't recall seeing the same sprites over and over. The animation is smooth (especially when I punched the NSB guy I was expecting an actual fight but when my character just punched him I was so surprised that it was animated!) 

13) No random encounters (no need to say anymore its self explanatory) 

14) There's more but I can't recall off the top of my head

Oh and I'm amazed by indie debs like you my friends and I tried to make a game 3 years back (in high school). It didn't go well so when I see a game this polished I'm always impressed. 

Oh and is anyone out there kinda tempted to play matchmaker with the characters? I know I am though I am hesitant to see that happen in game as relationship systems almost feel like something that would feel tacked on and take attention away from the story. Though if relationships just happened without weird systems for the player to manipulate I won't be against it. 

Good luck with chapter 3. Also chapter 2 had an image of the group at the end of it was there something similar for chapter 1?

Anyways sorry for the long post but I've always been interested in game design so I like to take games apart to see how the parts interact. Part of it is due to my desire to try to find a group to make a game with again.

One of the reforms in the game is to make it so that the President needs Congress' approval to declare war. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this already in the Constitution? Why was that in the game?

Haven't played the game yet but I just wanted to say thank you for creating this game. I have always been a fan of anti-war games as I am a huge fan of WW2 history and the Gundam series. The Gundam series was what really brought me into the genre as the series always stressed understanding amongst people with their deeply personal stories. (I will stop myself here before I go fanboying over the series) I have found that the further the generations are from WW2 the less they care about understanding others as well understanding why its so important. I'm definitely going to show this game to my friends as I hope the high production quality will draw them so they can experience something new.