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I didn't know that Unity does not properly support 64x64 resolution on WebGL. So in pc build, you will see proper 64x64px resolution but for some reason, WebGL is rendering in 640x640. I know how to resolve this issue today, but 20minutes before the submission end I didn't even know that this was happening ;/

Hey, thanks! Controls is something I wanted make sure is right especially since this is a racing game.

Snail Racer 2000

Challenges Accepted: 

  •  Pacifist - you don't kill anyone as there are no weapons nor health.
  • Freak  - obstacles are randomly placed so player don't know where will they come from

The cutscene rocks! :D

Does not work on my machine (Win10, Chrome, very strong PC) :( I can see the menu but after hitting "start" is says "failed tocreate webgl context" and that's it. Menu is the only thing I can see. Tried both high and low quality.