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Yes, you'll need to download the rom and play the game in an emulator.

Just press start on controller 2 on the Select Pattern screen.

I checked for the DMA glitch for P1, I just didn't check for P2 😅

I've gotten some feedback about how the Treasures look like 0s when I meant them as coins. I need to come up with something better.

this game is my attempt at a Super Puzzle Fighter type game on the NES. The pattern is what garbage blocks you drop onto your opponent.

The catchy music is all thanks to

I should update the page with better instructions and maybe add a screen with instructions.

My thought process was that if people were passing the controller around it would be harder to accidentally press start.

I wish i was any good with music so i could add some.

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Thanks for the review 🥰! The game is my attempt at implementing Super Puzzle Fighter gameplay on the NES.

Sound and music is definitely something i need to work on, along with having a stronger single player experience.

I could use music for my game The game is nrom so no fancy chips. Let me know what you think.

You'll need to run the .nes file in an emulator. My favorite emulator is

I made all the fonts myself using yy-chr

It was designed to be a 2p experience first, then i made it one player as well so more people could play it. Thanks for the kind words!


SuperSnakeOff. It is an enhanced version of my old game SnakeOff