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I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I loved the video, thanks so much.

I've considered adding that myself! As soon as I have the time I'll add it and see how well it works.

Fixed in 1.1.1

Thanks for letting me know.

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Not sure if there’s a way to PM on itch, so I’ll just delete this comment as soon as you respond. You’re supposed to drop the skull down the hole in the room. This puzzle, and a few more after it, are really confusing in the version you have. I'd recommend just downloading the newest version (just uploaded it) and replay it, as the puzzles are more refined +There’s more content.

Yea that puzzle’s still being worked on, it’s kinda confusing atm. If you want I can PM you how to solve the puzzle.  Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed my game!

Hey, thanks so much for trying it out! It was so awesome to watch! I watched a few of your other videos, and they’re great, Just subbed. If you do keep playing there are a few bugs you’ll probably experience, nothing game breaking, but kinda annoying.