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(En)Twine'd Game Jam community · Created a new topic Help!

If you need help, feel free to post it here and tweet using the hashtags #YearOfKeegan #entwined18.

Here's a Doodle Poll to try to find a time on Sunday, May 20th where we could hang out on Zoom and show off games and chat:

Do we want to play games for a week, and then get together for a virtual happy hour sometime at the end of this week (Sunday?) to discuss them? We could use Zoom to record and then post it back here. If there's interest, I can throw together a doodle poll or whatever to find a time.

I just noticed that Dan created the #entwined18 hashtag, so maybe use that one and #YearOfKeegan

Do we want to create a twitter hashtag or other space where people can talk to each other this weekend while they are building. #yearOfKeegan seems like a good tag to borrow.