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I decided to make a video on this mod, here it is:

I found a bug where when you put in the tape in the tape player, the tape player doesn't shut, it stays open.

Yes, they won't appear clipped when making mods now, that's good!

In this mod it's steve's birthday!

mystman12 is there an ending to the normal ending where you exit the school?

it means you can think pad, or in this mod, you can't think pad


Maybe I will fix this later.

v1.01 Is the Newest Version, Download That!

Nice mod

are you hyped???


cool, is this going to be dlc, or the second game?

The beta of the mod is out, here's the video on it!

Want to join my new discord server, just go to this link and join!:

2nd Discord Server:

3rd Discord Server:

If you aren't subbed yet join the johnster space program group and hit that notification bell for new videos when I release them! I'm currently on my way to 500 subs! If you want me to play something you made, comment in one of my newest videos below!

squidward mod gameplay by Johnster Space Program

cool, i am going to make a video on this!

it's kinda easy, but cool game!

my newest mod

I used windows.

Baldimore's Highschool Gameplay

thanks! when the video is done i will post it here!

I will also make a video as soon as I get the key!

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I want to make a video on this cool game I have 336 Subs and I want a key so I can show people this amazing game! I make videos about baldi's basics fangames and mods and this would be a great addition! My Gmail is and my YT is if you want to send me the key! (I don't have alot of money and the game is ever better looking than the UE4 Remake!)

here is the video link: 

yes it is

if i make a gameplay video on it? will you include it as a gameplay video?

Is spongebob in it?


The download for Mac OS is here: (its the first download link).

Famous Youtubers Like DanTDM, YuB, Bijuu Mike, and Kindly Keyin Have Played The Fortnite One. Don't believe me, here are the videos: 

In Less Than 2 weeks I have made 2 mods! Aren't they great!

I made these mods: 


well the new v1.1 is out if you want to play it!

To honor getting 1000 downloads my mod already, here is a look at the dev update 2 video I wasn't planning on releasing until tomorrow, but because I got 1000 downloads, I released it today! Enjoy Seeing Me Get 7/7 Battle Stars and 3/4 Exits!

Baldi Fortnite!

The first dev video on my mod for v1.1, it adds new sounds.

Hello! I am here with an update on the development of v1.1.0 of this fortnite baldi's basics mod! I am about halfway done with it and I have started changing the in game sounds! Here is a video showing you the first look at v1.1.0!

I'm also working on my own mod for, baldi's basics, its called fortnite's basics!