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I think you should continue working on this custom floor once the Beta versions of BFNS Ultimate have been released. There's so much more you'll be able to do with the improved floor builder in those versions (plus, it's going to have some nice loading transitions as well, some frames from which you can see below), and if you didn't know already, I actually added this floor to the browser in the 3rd content update.

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The 3rd floor browser content update has just been released! You can check out what floors have been added here, and the 4th content update is planned to be released on the 20th, followed by the 10th progress update on the 27th of this month.

Sure. In a future update, he is planned to be added as a Plus schoolhouse location exclusive character.

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No, I'm not sure. And in V1.01, I can remove that hidden geometry as well, which should help improve the performance along with the office being hidden from rendering when it's not visible, among other things.

Sure, you can do that. And if you provide a link to your old versions page, I can add the link to this page's description so people can find the version archive easily.

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What device do you use? Because in my tests the fangame runs pretty well on both my phone and laptop, so the maps might not be running well for you if you are using a low end device, and if that is the case, keeping your device plugged in while playing should help improve performance.

In V1.01, I plan on making it so the office is hidden from rendering while you are on the camera system (and a pause menu is getting added to the each location as well), which should improve the performance while the camera system is open or the game is paused.

Here's an image showing what Shadow Baldi does.

My video on the April Fools version is now out! You can watch it below.

There isn't a way to save custom night presets currently that you have created, but I've thought about adding that before and will definitely include that feature in an update. Once implemented, it should let players share their custom night preset files with other players as well, since the preset's AI level data would be saved and loaded from a file on the player's device.

Sure, I can add that in the upcoming V1.01 update.

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The Windows release of 1.00 (aka the full version) is now out! And it will be followed very soon by the full Android and Browser/WebGL versions as well. Edit: The android and browser versions are also now available!

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Who's looking forward to playing the next public beta version of BBNG Refreshed when GrandGames releases it tomorrow? Because I am! And he also told me there will be a separate April Fools version as well.

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Actually, 10 PM EST is about 12.5 hours from now, not 2. As you can see here:

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The wait is almost over! Because tommorow, the full version will be released! Annoucement:

Also, while there will initially only be 5 achievements available (one for completing each night in the classic schoolhouse location), achievements for beating each night for the first time in the other 2 locations will be added in a V1.01 update that will be released within a few weeks of V1.00's release. As of April 13th, progress on that update is going well, and it should be released sometime next week.

I also decided to increase the amount of floors on the camera system in the Plus Schoolhouse location from 2 to 3, to more closely match the current amount of floors in Baldi's Basics Plus, which is what that location is based around.

What is your level? If you can provide a link to it, I can add it to the next content update if you want.

The second Floor Browser content update has just been released! You can read more about it here, and if you are interested in submitting a custom floor to potentially be added in a future content update, you can either submit it here or in a reply to this post with a download link to your custom floor.

With V1.0 nearing completion, I thought I would share some images of the demo schoolhouse location, which will be one of 3 locations included in that full version.

Alright, thanks for the confirmation. I will be making that change you requested in the V1.0 release.

That's good to hear. And thanks! I've put hours of work into my recreation, and I think it's come together well so far.

Hey Haroon, are you planning on creating an itch page for your BB+ level editor mod levels? So everyone can easily find and check them out. And in regards to that, I've been working on my own BB+ level editor mod levels as well! You can watch a WIP video on one of them below.

Well, BFNS Ultimate is not discontinued, and I still plan on releasing updates for it. After the 1.0 release of FNAB Redone has been released, I plan on going back to working on it with the Beta 1 update likely releasing sometime within the next few months, if not sooner, depending on my progress. The next progress update that will be releasing at the end of April 2024 will share some more details about that upcoming update, so stay tuned for it.

Don't worry, I still plan on releasing it this month.

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Yeah, that's right. I'm a big fan of the original Five Nights At Baldi's, and thought it was unfortunate that you can't really play it anymore due to Flash support ending (although as I've found, it is still possible), which is why I decided to make a redone version containing overhauls and improvements with my game development experience (while making sure to give proper credits as well). Which a lot of players seem to have enjoyed so far.

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I just listened to it, and I like how it has an 8/16-bit style sound font. Kinda like how some of the OST tracks in the floor builder sound. And I will definitely be adding it to the unofficial soundtracks video playlist.

Edit: I just finished added the soundtrack to that playlist, which you can find here.

The planned "character skins" feature will likely include most of those suggestions you mentioned, since it should let players set the appearance and sounds of specific characters (such as Baldi), so if you had downloaded a few mods with multiple unique Baldi skins included, you could have one Baldi in your custom floor use a default skin, and the others could use other skins.

And for any custom floors that use character skins from mods not included by default, there will be a message asking the player to have those mods installed before being able to play that custom floor. Which is why if your custom floor uses skins from mods in it for some of the characters, you should include the mod folders used in your custom floor when you distribute the floor's folder somewhere (such as on or via a link in a video's description, for example).

And put a message on the download saying what mods you need installed (if there are any) to play your custom floor.

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Over the last few days, I've been working on the improved floor builder for the upcoming Beta 1 update, and in just the last few hours, I've implemented the custom texture support for chunks shown previously in a test project into the main project for BFNSU, albeit with some improvements and changes (such as the ability to have a different texture for each wall of a chunk, rather than all walls of a chunk using the same texture which is how it was done in earlier versions). I've included some WIP development images of this feature below, and you might also notice that some of the custom textures in the first image are from another project I've created in the past...

With all of the improvements, additions, and changes that will be coming to the floor builder, I'm sure you will like doing that even more after the Beta 1 update!

Yeah, I am going to change the music for rave mode to an originally composed soundtrack, probably done by Hunbun999, who has created a lot of the recent OST music for the project. And as for Jason's suggestion about adding a "more watered down explanation of the controls", I plan on adding some tutorials that will walk the player through certain aspects of BFNSU, such as teaching the player how to create a custom floor, showing the player the basics of how to play, etc.

Well, I've finally settled on a design for the beta version of the Floor Builder, and here's a WIP look at it. I spent most of today working on it, and please note that the appearance of some graphics (such as the object preview icons) may end up being changed in the final version of Beta 1. Although for now, I'm satisfied with how the design looks so far. As you can see, I decided to build a tall room, which is a lot easier now due to the addition of semi-transparent visuals for the "invisible" sides of ceiling and wall tiles :)

Ok, I will consider making that change in the full version. And by that, do you mean changing the landscape mode from "Landscape Right" to "Landscape Left" in Unity?

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You should use an LTS (long term support) version of Unity. My suggestion would be Unity 2020.3.46f1, or the latest LTS version of Unity 2020. And also, older Unity versions usually don't have support for newer packages (or vice versa), so that's why I would suggest using a newer Unity version to develop your fangame. Because sometimes I find that some packages I use in my projects are only available for newer Unity versions. You can see what Unity versions I've been using for developing my projects in the screenshot below (look under the "Editor Version section).

And when you want to install a Unity version in the Unity Hub, just go to the "Installs" section, choose "Install Editor", and you can install an LTS version of Unity from there.

However, Unity 2020 LTS releases are no longer listed on the installs page, so you'll have to go to here and find the version you want to download. Hopefully this helps you out with deciding what Unity version you should use, and thanks for your game development related question!

That's what I thought. Well, I'm still looking forward to doing the collab event (and who knows maybe more afterwards) as well. A lot of new content is planned to come to BFNSU over the course of the beta updates, so I hope some of it will end up making an appearance in the event.

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I've recently released a gameplay video on the V3 Beta of this mod, which you can watch below. I didn't actually know Baldi's Fun New School Ultimate easter eggs 🥚 had been added to the Grand Opening schoolhouse. And SeenWonderAlex, do they relate at all to the planned BFNSU and BBTUD crossover event happening at some point in the future? Because I also found text that said "Somewhere In 2024-2025".

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It's footage from some "lighting test builds" I recently released to development testers :)

As you can see, the lighting system has been improved (something I've teased previously), and I've also been testing some changes to the player movement as well, such as the addition of vertical camera movement, which if it gets added to Beta 1, will likely be an option in the settings on the PC version, as I'm not sure about an implementation of it on the mobile version, due to the controls being different.

You probably saw some of the new environment objects (such as bookshelves) getting added to Baldi's Basics Plus V0.4 as well. I plan on making those placeable objects in the Floor Builder, which should help improve the customisability of the environment in custom floors. And for people who want to make Baldi's Basics Plus-like floors.