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John's Emazing Films

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they are already in the game

im so sorry for the late reply

it used to be in the game but i deleted it

yes, i have a lot of plans for em

thanks bro

(1 edit)

you can give them to characters when you see three lines next to the backpack

thanks bro

not yet, but it will be possible in the future

wait no i gte it, it eans that you can give items to characters

thank you man!! im workin very hard on it and im glad to hear that you like it :DD

comment section on probably not. maybe someday, but it would be pretty hard to implement

what three line thingy? 

thanks man, im doin my best. and thanks for the suggestion

i get that, im still workin on it so maybe someday the story will be at least a bit better

I don't think i'll add north korea, sorry dude

ill add other characters though

i am he

she's already in the game, she's a teacher

he's already in the game

what's your @? maybe you didn't answer the security question or your account's not old enough. you can also dm on discord @johns emazing films#6419

thanks bro and yes there will be 

not currently

thanks bro worked hard on it

thanks bro :DD

thanks bro :DD

australia already in there but ill ad more of him

dont worry

im on it

not the buldge but

yeah you get it

did you extract it? When you extract it, press on the file called CH-DS, then the game should start

yesyesyes i will add him

yes ans im a meanie hehehe >:)


we are working on a translation

ill add them, thank you for suggestin bro

i dont think i will, sorry bro


(1 edit)

japan is dateable but ill add more

thank you bro

ill do my best

why, nothing would change, you'd still be able to date him

oh my fuckin god

i do like the bazonkaz idea though

i luv you too


deer lord