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Very nice and very fun! Atmosphere (Or lack thereof because of space and whatnot) is great!

Thanks! I probably could have made the game a little easier, I can't even get a perfect score haha... I can get 8 out of 9 though :D

I finally got the music and sound functionality working how I would like it. I have my animations mostly complete and the end game prizes as well. I need to get the gameplay more finely tuned in. I also still need to write the music. I jotted down a little chord progression that I thought sounded cool. Hopefully it actually does sound cool!

So I added location indicators to the HUD to let the players know which direction to go to get the bros into orbit. My main problem at this point is getting bodies to be properly disposed when they contact the sun.

I haven't updated in a while, but I have some sound effects going. I have an awesome fire sound coming from the sun ;). I also added some animations to the Astro Bros that are floating around. I just need to work on some more HUD elements and level design and music and yeah.

So I have added a parallax background with three layers to give the impression that you're actually flying through space. I also updated the suns to be a little more sun like. I will likely continue to tweak the look of everything.

So I have level transitions spiced up a little with transition screens. Mainly just the game over and level passed screens. They're not very pretty. Prettiness comes last.

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I finally tackled some pesky BitmapFonts and got them resized and positioned properly for the safe bro count and timer. Winning conditions are implemented basically. I will continue to tweak it and make it feel a little more natural. Baby steps!

So I finally got all of the arrays to balance out properly. It took much longer than anticipated to fix that. I also was able to get the boundary circles to react to the positions of the astro bros. If there is nothing in the goldilocks zone, then it will be red. If something is there, it will be blue. Pretty neat stuff!

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Got my bros to be connected!

So current idea for the game as far as the concept is to collect all other astro bros and put them into orbit around the star's goldilocks zone. You should be able to attach to other Astro Bros and then release them once you feel their orbit is safe. There will be a timer and you have to get them all into orbit before the timer runs out and they die...

Multiple levels should be a thing hopefully

At last! I have been able to test! Level changing code is essentially finished. Collision detection is still being improved, but I'm making significant headway. Once collision is and controls are all set and done, I will need to implement gravity.

So I have been working on creating some more classes to handle the levels and suns and gravity and everything. I have written so much code, but I still have so much more to write before I can even test it... Should be a fun 10 hours of debugging :)


So the part I thought would be rather easy ended up being a little more challenging than expected. I wanted to get my textures to rotate with the Box2D bodies, but it was a no go for a while. Then I discovered the great libgdx-utils-box2d extension! Gosh it works like a charm. The images are certainly temporary, don't worry. The art isn't my main focus at this point. I am working by myself after all.

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So now I have successfully implemented Box2DLights and gave some user controls to the Player object. Now to work on Gravity... Yay!

Did my first test using Box2D! I have some beautiful circles floating around with no given purpose yet. Purpose will come. I hope.

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Theme is "Life in Space"

My idea is pretty much set in stone. The title? Astro Bros!

You're an AstroBro and you've lost your other bros. Use Gravity to get them back? Don't stray far from the suns though, because you might die!

We'll see if the game resembles this idea at all at the end. I am working by myself after all.

Track my progress if you'd like at my Github Repo

Starting a couple days late, but I've got some interfaces going and my GameManager class is looking pretty empty...