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Johnny Danger

A member registered Sep 05, 2019

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Very nice! It took me a couple times to figure out the puzzle, loved it!

After playing and enjoying Make sure it's closed and The Open House I didn't know what to expect but man, this one is so original, intriguing and funny (in a dark way) it's my favourite so far! That's all I can say without spoiling anything.

I've made a narrative playthrough video you should watch in case you don't have hands and/or lack the ability to play yourself like you should. 

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Hey I really enjoyed this game. I must admit that twice I've ran in circles trying to find the small hotspot I needed to click, but the narrative made me forgive it all. The way the terrifying story unfolds is simply brilliant. 

I've made a video of my playthrough, which would tell a lot more about my interpretation of the conclusion, if only I didn't mute my mic by accident like a complete idiot. Still a solid video if I may say so myself.

Congrats on a great game, can't wait to play what you do next!

Loved the "something's not right" feeling in the beginning! I missed an item at some point and wandered aimlessly for a while but man that was quite a ride! Buying your first house IS a terrifying experience!
I made a video playing it and your other game Make Sure It's Open, which was amazing too!

That was a lot of fun! That you could take a childhood fantasy and turn it into an experience you can share is amazing isn't it!
I made a video playing it and The Open House, which I also recommend playing!

Can't wait to play what you do next!

I'm impressed! I really enjoyed playing this. Oppressive almost claustrophobic ambiance, slow paced and the tension rapidly increases. Highly recommended! 

Great work guys! I had fun playing the game, even though it    took me a while to figure out what was going  on because I didn't know the creature   beforehand   hahaha! I made a video out of my experience,  where I    share my thoughts and make suggestions. Hope you like it! 

Hey guys, awesome work I really enjoyed the game! In retrospect I got confused with who was on the phone. Also, couldn't get the QR code to work. All the same, the art style and the puzzle were phenomenal. I made a video of my playthrough, enjoy!

Played this immediately after playing Rot and I'm impressed. I made a playthrough for each games. It's funny how many details I've missed while playing and it was still an intense experience. I must admit it was pretty late. Or early. 

Good work, can't wait to play what you do next!

Hey man, really enjoyed your game. It did touch me since you could say I've been through something kinda similar back when I was about the age of your characters. I made a playthrough video. I hope you keep creating interesting experiences like this!

I really enjoyed this little gem and made a video about it!

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Hey good job! I made my first video about your first game :)

Can't wait to see what you do next!