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101 kills pretty decent if you ask me  i could do better but 101 is my number.

pretty nice game but my only advice to it is ... add a end screen its annoying to have to refresh each time

Trust me if i knew how I would

there is multiple good and bad endings but i may have removed one of the endings so if you were to find this brken ending that i dont feel like fixing then well you would break my game and although i could just remove the scenario that triggers the ending i think it adds to the mystery of the game. Translation: I'm lazy

i got he bad ending first i decided to do everything myself and next thing i know my mom has an arrow in her neck then i decided the second time that i'm going to let the police do their job and then i got the good ending

yeah i realized i should explained more in depth on how to win the game but basically if you get the right amount of gold and turn back you will get the good ending the gold is randomized so you could get a small amount and win the game but to check your gold you go in your inventory

I got the good ending and bad ending 1

I should have chosen a different name but the gameplay is great. 

well if noone gets the good ending then i could post what it would say

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oof lol

chill bro dont blame the almighty dani blame yourself for buying an overpriced piece of shit u call a computer switch to windows or linux systems bro.

tysm i worked so hard on this game and was hoping that people would see it so your words are encouragement for me to continue my game development journey and experience new programming languages. Also which ending did you get currently there is 3.