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Johnny Moustache

A member registered Jul 12, 2021

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Understandable, anyway good job on the ones u have now. Keep it up.

These will be perfect for my game, good job, will you be making battle voice for female characters?

It does have a "despair" feel to it, like "What's the point of doing all this, but we still have to do it" kinda feel

Ah ok, sounds good, thanks.

Can this be used in RPG Maker MZ? 

Ah ok, thanks

A bit off topic but, the battle UI at the bottom for the actors, is this available somewhere please? Or is it a custom made one? I keep seeing them in your screenshots, i would love to have something similar in my game.

Ok i understand, no problem, keep up the great work.

These are amazing, i was wondering, would you ever consider making icons for Menu in the same style as these ones here? I think they would look great on the menu, like for the equipments, status, skills, etc...