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Yes, it seems so

Not cool to go after my religion like that

just to mention that the first people to discover Jesus' resurrection were a unch of jewish teenage women

dont give us crap about "misogny" when you dont know any history

i know its shocking to see people that disagree with you

just cuz you disagree with someones politics does not give you the right to call them nazis

yep thats true, but unfortunately the leftist media has such control over our lives, we hear it alot

you are correct on the overreaching, the problem is for me that i cant avoid the consistent complaints about these games, so I am just asking that they keep politics out of their games so that we wont have to deal with the screaming at all.

yep look it up, people hate that game

far cry 6 - lots of refrences to historical racism

strange life 2 - actively attacked trump and the rights policy on migration

detroit becoming human - gave obvious support to certain political progressive movements in the social sphere

gta 6 was pressured into adding a latino woman into the game (not saying thats wrong, its just that they were pressured into doing it by real world feminists

fallout - clear anti-nuclear messaging

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - was attacked for being based around a capitalist system

csgo - skin selling scandals also got political

countless shooters (and gta 5) have been attacked by the left media for grooming boys into becoming "violent" and  holding values that are "toxically masculine"

That is only a snapshot of some of the politics that are in video games

This list gets hard to avoid sometimes

Excellent game

its kinda hard to avoid them buddy

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Hey I know that this project has been abandoned, but this is genuinely one of the best indie games I have ever played, this has some real potential because it has a captivating story, excellent and engaging gameplay, and it brings a new take onto the genre of rpg games (a genre I normally hate). I ask you to try to continue to develop this game, it has real value and it is a shame for it to go to waste. If you do not want to finish it, I at least ask you to give me the written rites to develop the rest of the game. If I were to make any money off of it I would split it with you. Please consider. Thanks!

ey is this project abandoned cuz it looks great

I come to video games as a relief from the political debates happening today. Please dont start making our video games political, in favor of either side.


everyone is just so loving to every opinion

love the -8 guys

No problem, any day

its so funny to me that you think the problems of communist Russia are comparable to america's issues.

Thanks! i can prove it too, something i don't think you can do if you spend time on twitter.

true, but at least one that will work better

I come to video games to escape politics

another funny thing is how those problems started when we introduced more socialist forms of economics

history has repeatedly told us that it is impossible for humans to create a free socialist republic that works

their government participates in capitalism to make money for themselves but they dont let their people live in a free capitalist state as well

do you have a release date for full version yet?

This game was excellent, i love the combination of cyberpunk and noir. I hope there will be more games like these in the future. The driving is a little hard but i expected that. It also doesn't help that my pc is an older office one. All in all though the game was really well made

last updated exactly 1 year ago

It was really enjoyable, when will we get another update?

Ive gotten Somalia-Somililand twice and Somilia-Somalia-Somililand once

Well made game, very entertaining

This game is very well made, excellent art style, plot, and music