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The name of the game is killing me.

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Thanks. Glad you liked it.
Our artist will be happy to hear the feedback.

Great game so far as i played.
Minor improvement suggestion.
pressing Escape in inventory should exit inventory instead of opening main menu.

Love to hear that.
Keep an eye out for an update.

Glad you liked it.
I wonder what make it hang. I can't seem to replicate this bug.

Thanks. Good to hear that it is a good starting point.
We have some ideas how to make it in a proper game> Will try to update in soon.

Thank You.
Next update will have W and Y blinded as block action.

Thank you so much.
You are correct. it is a prototype.
We will update the game with the important features that were not finished in time.
Check it out in a week or two, and you might be able to defeat your opponents ;)

Unfortunately killing an opponent is not yet implemented. We have all the necessary components and will add this as soon as possible.
What Keys would you recommend in stead of Z and X?

Thank you.
I'll pass your words to the girl that made the intro.

Love to hear that.

We are hesitating whether the ending should be bloody or cartoonist.

Thank You.
We will do try to commit more time to the game, as we barely made it playable for now.

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Thank you for feedback.
We hope to add more of actual gameplay, as we spent not enough time on it.
Option to defeat your opponents would be nice to have.

Thank You for your comment. It means allot to us.
We will update the game, as we need to give the player the option to actually win the duel.

Played it. Liked It.

Really solid game!

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"non-competitive singing potatoes" music is still in my head the next day.

Now. That is one scary game.
Properly scary, without cheap jump scares.

No Spiceder was harmed during the play-through.

That is one Great Game if I can say so myself.


So good.

This is the best game EVER!!!

All project files are there.

Only gems, and golem sprites not made by us.

The rest you can use as you like. Have in mind project files are for Godot 2 and now we have Godot 3 running the project will require a rewrite. But You probably know that.
Godot is Love.