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Yep. Every time I hit 10 sales, I put up a new batch of community copies. Sales slowed way down after the initial surge so it's taking longer now to refill.

Yep! I add a batch of community copies when sales hit multiples of 10 (instead of doing one at a time). I'll try to do it at a regular time -- around noon Pacific.

Yep! (see the Release Date section of the page)

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Hello! I will add more community copies to this page in one hour at 12:00 Pacific time. Come back and grab one of you can. If that doesn't work out, let me know (send me an email: oneseven@gmail -- with your email address and I can provide a download key).

Oh, for sure, your game design should do what it needs to meet your goals. Thanks for replying about the core mechanic.

Oh, that's interesting. A character can't suffer trauma unless the player chooses to risk the stress. Have you had a situation in a game where a player felt like it wasn't their choice?

I feel the same way, so I included a note in the game about overcoming trauma with a long term project. Characters should be able to forge that path if they work hard enough.

Very true! Burning Wheel is even listed as an influence.