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Yes, that's fine.

It was made as a companion to Dungeon World, but you don't need DW to play it.

Yeah, putting it on itch could work. Ping me on Twitter and I can help draw some attention to it when it's ready.

Probably the Dungeon World reddit would be interested in it, too.

When you fight, use the rules for doing something risky (2d6+stat). On a 10+, you deal damage. On a 7-9, you trade hits with your foe. On a 6-, you get hit.

(That's one way to interpret the roll. It's not totally set in stone and is flexible by design. Let the situation guide your judgment calls.)

Your armor value subtracts from damage you take.

Yes, I add them regularly, but they disappear fast. I'll do another batch tomorrow (they usually get added on Monday).

Site is back up.

Yeah, it's down right now. The site admin is working on it.

Glad you're enjoying the game.
The PCs get profit every time the crew fills their XP track and earns an advance.

Looks good!

I'm not aware of any.

Yeah, that's ok.

Yep, that's fine!

I add them in batches regularly, usually at the start of the week. They go fast, though.

Glad you like it!

The fonts are Souvenir and Univers LT.
(You can find out what fonts a PDF uses by opening it in Acrobat and going to File > Properties > Fonts tab.)

I updated the license to allow for commercial games. See this devlog post here:

Yes, that's ok!

Yep! It doesn't say it in the text, but it's licensed the same way as Dungeon World: Creative Commons, attribution.

That looks good! Thank you.

Yes, please do!

That was just a bit of fun. It was made in 2012.

We're sending the additional islands to the Korean publisher, so hopefully they'll make them available soon.
Contact me at my email address (oneseven at gmail) if there's a delay and I can get them for you.

Added bookmarks to the PDF.

The banner is the only place that exists.

Not quite sure what you mean... there is no cover.

Very cool! Thanks for letting me know. :)

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Yes, you get a boon when the bleed track reaches a numbered box. I'll add that detail in the next update. Thanks!

Yay! I'm glad that worked. :)

Awesome! Thank you!

You can have 4 Divine Favor with your honored god.

Evil Hat provides the PDFs for their games when you buy a hardcopy at a game store. Go to their Bits & Mortar page ( and they'll hook you up (including the extra islands).

A softcover POD is on DriveThru:

And you can get the hardcover from Leisure Games store in the UK. Or your local game store can order it through the usual distribution channels.

Thank you!

I don't know why that would happen. Sounds like something itch would have to fix (I can't control access through the bundle).

You can get the character sheets at, though.

Go to the bundle page: then click the "Download" button, then on the next screen, "Search  by title" to get to Blades in the Dark.

Yeah, after all the islands are delivered to the backers, we'll probably make the collection available as a supplement pdf.

No, there aren't any directly editable versions of the maps. The full-page maps in the Player's Kit ( are vector-based, and you can get to the "parts" in AI, but yeah, the formatting of text gets turned to outlines.

Yep! It works well online, and the Roll20 character sheets are very good.

Thanks for the kind words. You stay safe, too. <3