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Hey, thanks for playing

When I  started, I used the tutorials created by Brackeys on youtube:  If you're new to coding all together, I would stay with a monolithic script approach to handle your game objects,  and keep the game small.  If you're pretty familiar with the basics of OOP and want to get a little deeper into structuring your projects in a more scalable way, I recommend the content from Infallible Code:  Also, hit me up if you got any questions, and I'll help where I can.  I'm still learning, but I've been at it for about two years.  Good luck!

Nice artwork, and sound.  It reminds me of an old Atari style game.  I found the movement a little floaty for my tastes, but was able to move around alright.  I like how you have room views, and larger (multi-room) views; it breaks up the gameplay in a pleasant way.  One thing I would change is the sensitivity of the shield that repels enemy bullets; instead of letting it face any direction, make it only able to face in 8 directions.  Good work on making a playable game.

Thanks for playing.  Yeah it felt super rushed making it in under 6 hours.  It was a great lesson in time management and tightly controlling scope creep.  I had to look up coprophagia, but you are 100% correct about a PSA.

Hi.  The graphics look good and the sounds are nice.  I wasn't able to jump on to any of the platforms.  What is the goal of the game?

Great game!  I loved the music.  The puzzles were just challenging enough to make me pause and think through my next steps.  Thanks for sharing.

This game is lots of fun!  Great entry!  I love the music, the controls felt smooth, and the art was good.  All around a great game to play.  The auto target ability really allowed me to move around more and not focus on pointing the player at the character that I wanted to shoot at.  That was a nice touch.  Lastly, the start screen looks very nice.  I really like the layers you have built up in the artwork.

Wow, thank you so much for the kind words.  Thanks for playing.

Thanks.  I found a picture of and Apple II, and thought it looked perfect.  Tried my hand at some pixel art for the first time, and I think it turned out pretty well.  Thanks for playing, and the feedback!

Yeah, I went with a small collider on the door for early development, and never got around to enlarging it as the game build went on.  Completely agree that it should be larger.  Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing.  It was my first try at doing some pixel art.  Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing.  Yeah, ran out of time... Got any suggestion for music?  Glitchhop? Techno?

I was having some trouble with the jump logic in Unity which looks like it translated to the final build.  This is my first game, so I look forward to going back and finding where my code went wrong.

Thanks for playing and the solid feedback.  Very appreciated! 

This game is by far the nerdiest game I have ever played.  I mean that in the highest form of compliment. Well done all around!  Great game-play, and the challenge of changing out pieces of code to solve the problems was fantastic.

BTW your game is awesome!

Hi, thanks for playing the game, and the great feedback.  Yeah, having to reset the puzzle by doing the previous one does make the game-play a little tedious at times.  I think I'd add a "reset" trigger that a player could jump on, or a door that they could go through to reset a puzzle.  Maybe next time.  Thanks again.  Glad you liked it.

What gave you the idea for the game?  I was really impressed with the idea of just listening to someone's voice and avoiding the directions that you heard tones in.  Technologically it reminds me of the Glide Slope Indicator technology used on airfileds to land airplanes.  In that technology two radio frequencies are projected down a runway and the landing airplane has to fly between them.  The pilots don't hear the frequencies, but the plane's instruments turn the signals into visual indicators that tell the pilots how far right or left of the runway center line they have drifted.

I really liked the gameplay.  I could close my eyes and follow the instructions and the sounds of the tones to make my way.  I would have liked some kind of goal that I was achieving along the way.  Also, I couldn't tell how this was related to bugs.  Thanks for sharing.

Love this!  The audio is great and the voices in between the levels gave it a fun feel.  Good job.  Level 4 wasps kicked my butt.

Nice work.  The music is great!  Gameplay felt really smooth, and I liked how the Neo's didn't come after you as soon as they appeared on screen.  Well done.

cool.  same here, just having fun making games.  I'll hit you up on my next game project

I like the animation on the dog.  Nice!

You're welcome... It's not a bug, it's a feature.  Haha.  Thanks, I didn't realize it was doing that.  Thanks for checking it out.

Great game!  The controls are really nice.  Well done with the puzzle aspect of the clones.  I enjoyed playing.


I'd like to team up if you're interested.  This is my first jam.  I've been coding a few years in python, and c#.   Made a few games in Unity for fun with my family.   I'm mostly looking to have fun, enjoy the creative process with others, and hopefully end up with a fun game.  let me know.