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Woah!! I really love the UI! The construction like font is really nice as is the game play. Controls were weird at first, but got used to them in no time

Cool!! An epic 3d entry with great 80s type music!!

So many enemies!! A simple yet complete entry with nice music, good art, world looping and gameplay!

He got me the first time, but when I trapped him in the corner, it was game over. Nice entry!

Nooo!!! I got stuck! Love the concept, just missing the amazing "zebra" style graphics? Justice Buddies 2 in the works?

Love the idea and execution but... Why were the two yellows so close in color? I was like 2 inches from my monitor lol. Great job!

Cool!! The initial size of the window is really small but thankfully you used scene2d. (So it seems) The music and effects fit perfectly with the visuals to create a solid entry! Good job!!

Epic as usual! Art and sfx  go so well together! Gameplay is 100!! Great Job!!

Great game! Very complete with gameplay, art and sounds. Don't know how the theme fits though.

Nice start! Hopefully you updated it :)

I love the look of your game!! I'm inspired!! Great job!

Beautiful! Loved the gameplay also!

Cool game! Great use of the theme! Missile launch sounds fit perfectly!

Its over... :(

Nothing more was need. Simple and classic

Nooo!! Time to open kovaaks...

Cool game! I sadly didn't figure out how to fly. The sound effects are perfect!

Great job!! Controls can be a bit hard at times but manageable. Love the art! Reminds me of Nuclear Throne and Gun Slugs.

Woah!! The completeness is +100. The music really adds a touch of evil.

Interesting! It was difficult but easy at the same time. Kept getting confused pressing the same sequence of keys. I guess all those days playing GTA San Andreas as a kid didn't pay off.

Cool.! You even lost your accent by the end of the game! Loved how the joints worked the with the rest of the game. Great game :)

Epic!. I got 73 seconds left. The game design, art and music go so well together. Nice code btw. :)

Nicely made. Beautiful art and level design. Smooth and easy to understand. :)

Cool!! A 3d masterpiece with simple to understand concepts. Great work!

Great use of the theme!! Loved all the abilities and skill building stuff as well as the overall concept. Great job!!

Yes I won!! The last level had so much flashing that by the time I was finished it felt like I had been staring at a light. Nice entry :)

I will not turn off my computer. Every Peanut Panda games makes me smile. A story game with beautiful paint art. Well done :)

Its similar to my game!! Nice entry!!

I'm a terrible guesser lol. I don't even think I've been on a trail. Nice game though

Bravo :clap: :clap: Extremely well made underground runner. :)

Hello self

Love it!! The fact that you made this 20 is mind boggling.

Sheesh... Nicely done. Everything fits nicely together. :)

Finally! I get to use all those skills I picked up using kovaaks! Crazy how you made this in so little time. :)

I replayed the intro like 5 times lol. Good thing my imagination still works. Sam clipped a fire hydrant and hit a tree. Some say the wheels are still rolling to this day. Unfortunately Sam survived and is now being used as a super rare and expensive sandwich spread. Paralyzed Jelly.  

Cool entry! The music is giving me 90s hacker vibes. The lights and physics make it even better.

Some thrilling story telling. Pretty funny too. Good job :)

Solid as usual. From art, to implementation to music. Good job :)

Not bad. I somehow kept beating myself. Hmm....