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well after 2 years they made it remastered, with 2 new gamemodes (they are fun) and new visuals (ofc, its a remastered anyways). TABVI is great. Not a great game but its fun and a good time waster.

It's funny how i can see my comment from 2 years ago complaining about making a new trailer xD

Not only that, but new soundtrack is also available!

Perfect sound, mix, samples and performance. A great comeback for 2023..for had funk at least. 822 album wasnt so good but they've managed to return with this gem. Love it

an enjoyable, relaxing, stress-free cookie clicking game, patched up with updates, upgrades and got better. Too many options to pick, new content, and gameplay. GOTTY Edition is incredible. This is something we haven't asked but we wanted and liked to see. Cookie Clicker is a good game. Buy it, totally recommended in this condition.

Also Had Funk are brilliant and they slap a whole vibe <3.

Incredible performance, brings EDM vibes, Perfect if not, MASTERPIECE for an album, great concept, great game, great combination..absolutely beautiful.

Can't Wait for NEXT-GEN.

i smell progress

work on it till there's nothing left to add

Okay, let's hope you guys are gonna fix everything and remaster the game completely, definitely i support you all but without any updates anymore, missing content, not much of gameplay, optimazation issues even in main menu, i dont think that right now the game is for the crowd either for the price too. It's in an Early Access condition in my opinion. No negative thoughts but you have to do actually something, and not just "something" improve everything in the game cuz there are bugs, issues, missing content not much of a gameplay as i previously said. It's too repetitive in this condition. I really care about the game and you, i've been with you this whole time but updating the page or covers ain't gonna do something. Please actually work on the game and do seriously your job, i know you can do wayy better. You have my trust in this dont let me down or anyone else. The game has potential and you have ideas for the main campaign as you said! I really can't wait for the NEW EX-Drones to come out. Good luck guys

very detailed and serious update. Keep it up

there are some good tracks in that album even tho its mid. Could've done better ngl. I'll be waiting for your next album

track of the year xd

pure electronic music


i got suggested this artist a lot and i gotta say i like this album and its rhythm. Call On Me is my favorite.

Now thats EX-DRONES, you should now update the sandbox or add new game modes or enemies

EX-DRONES community · Created a new topic my review


I thought the game died and the devs kept it secret but they made it! i played for 10 mins and i like it already, even tho its not well optimized. I'll mostly play the older versions because i remember first playing it and thinking of its future, not what i excpected but its fine, they'll keep working on it.

RIP campaign

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best games of yours are included in that pack, bought it to support the devs even tho i own the games except the arcade ones

My favs:

the arcades and cookie clicker <333

i didnt said that you dont

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good, but the game isnt finished yet

owgs: we always hear our community's opinion

the community: we need a 2nd trailer for tabvi 2

also owgs: oh YEAH! *uploads a wtpab chapter 2 trailer*

For your own good make a trailer 2!

MAKE A DAMN 2ND TRAILER FOR TABVI2 DAMN! People might see the trailer and think that this is a flip from microgame fps and they won't buy it!