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I really liked the concept of this game!

Spam the cuss button for maximum adulting.

Ok this game is tough. With the random generating levels/stages and timing of jumps, yikes!

I like how the music gets more cursed with each level.

Nice game. If you die at the same time as the boss you hard lock the game.


Not bad. I enjoyed this game. If there was a random chance to find health or coins in the destructible objects it would make the game feel a little more balanced since the enemies hit like a truck and your character doesn't do a whole lot of damage early on.

Funny game.

Good music. Really like the voxel style graphics and destruction.

This is a fun little game.

Great 8-bit graphics, nice music and sound effects.

I could see this being a full game with multiple different levels, power-ups, and spells/weapons.