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John Bradshaw

A member registered May 02, 2022

Recent community posts

Absolutely loved this game. Curious about the cat.  Can't wait for more 10/10 game right here. 

Perhaps the scariest game I have ever played. 

Amazing job 10/10!

That ending was the most badass endings I have ever experienced. I felt bad for Tai Lopez. 10/10

This game is intense! I feel like someone should turn this into a movie. Loved this 10/10!

Amazing game! I just got stuck on the combination lock at the end. The scares got my ass good. For a free game, 10/10 my guy!

I feel like some of the jump scares were too close together, but they still got me anyway. Love these kinds of games, would love to play more!

Amazing game, didn't expect to get my ass scared. 

For a free game, 10/10 my guy!

LMAO that intro had me dead! Hilarious playthrough!

Great game! Atmosphere and scares were 10/10. Looking forward to more!

Good game, has potential. Got both endings. 

Great game, loved the music playing in McDongs. Scares were good and atmosphere was amazing. 10/10

Thanks! Yeah I though there was something with that house with the red window in the background. 

Loved this game. Got 3 endings, not sure if there are any more secrets. 10/10. Need more games like this!

Scary game, these forest games always get me. 

10/10 need more games like this!

This game had me on the edge of my seat. Atmosphere was amazing, scares were good. I give it 10/10. Make more like this!

Nice! I think the part where you drink the coke had potential for an amazing jump scare, but not bad. 8/10. Loved the style, keep it up!

For your first unreal game, this is really good. The scares got me. The background sounds and everything was on point. Looking forward to your Unreal 5 games. 10/10

Creepy vibes, I like how the story was delivered. You can play through it and get the twist at the end. Loved it 10/10.

Great story, for a short alpha game, pretty damn good. Keep it up!


Loved this horror game, kept me on edge waiting to die. You know how to make simple concepts scary dude.  Short game, but for what it was 10/10

Loved it. Did not expect the old man to do that. 

Great scares, wholesome morals.

Scary game, I kept thinking something was gonna jump scare me. I think the ending could use some tweaking, but for what it is 10/10.

Love the style of this game. Scared my ass twice. I think if the volume was louder on the 2nd scare in the chair it would have gotten me too. Overall for what it is 10/10, well made. 

Good game took me two tries to get it. I can relate to this game big time. I hate dealing with this crap on the phone. Great concept!

Not bad, got lost at the end, but the music was cool. Keep it up!

Got my ass scared good in this game. Great sound and well timed scares 10/10

Loved the story. wish there was more. Can't wait for the full release of the game!

This game scared my ass good. wish it was longer but for what it was 10/10 my dude.

The jump scares got my ass good. Short, simple, and good scares. 10/10

Amazing game, loved the puzzles and atmosphere 10/10!

Amazing game, loved the maze and the ending was intense. Keep making these kind of game and you're gonna go places. 10/10

Nice! I didn't expect this game to scare my ass that hard. 10/10 Happy late birthday Fabian. Hope your buddy liked the game. 

This game was incredible. Amazing story! You should keep going with this one. 10/10

Loved the story, can't wait for the full release!  10/10

Amazing game 10/10! The potions at the end were a nice touch. The black cat looks interesting too. Amazing job!

Great game! Love the concept, I think if there were sprinkled in jump scares plus the shadow guys, this game would have it all. Nice!

Great game, I had a hard time getting the other endings it kept glitching out on me, but those were some good scares. keep it up!

Great game! hope to see more. That voice acting was on point. Hope to see more like this. 10/10