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John Bradshaw

A member registered May 02, 2022

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Amazing game right here. I got my ass roached...

I'm never ordering pineapple pizza again.

This was amazing! Loved the way you have to look around in your chair. Just scares were on point! Make more like this!

I bought some mothballs after this game. Amazing 10/10!

I got roached…

Never in my life have I ever wanted a chancla more than ever. Best roach game. 10/10

That ending chase was great! Loved the physics of the darts. 

I had to call 911 because I thought my house was going to burn down… that’s how FIRE this game is. 

Nice! got my ass good.2:44

I didn't think that there would actually be a snake. Nice though. 08:51

I thought I was gonna get probed. Save for another day. 

Classic game! I just did my taxes too. 

Loved it. 10/10 would play 10 more times. 

You need to make a full version. Great game! Hope your grandmother gets better. 

Scary but hilarious game. Got me good at the end. 

Dude, these games are amazing! One of my favorites. 

I always get my ass scared with these gems. Keep it up!

Can't wait for the full game. Thought I was going to be able to burn something with the gas.

Never eat at McDongs, or you'll get donged. 

Too spooky. I need new pants after this game. 

I had this exact experience when I was younger, except instead of a ghost I farted. 

Too spooky! Never order from Pizza Butt. 

Loved this game! 10/10. Amazing graphics. Great way to integrate guns with horror. 
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INCREDIBLE WORK! Loved the ending, looks like my meat was being served after all. 10/10 Need more games like this!

Loved this game, can’t wait to play the full release!

This game is amazing story and character development 10/10 love this!

Hilarious! Can’t get enough of this. 07:19

Crazy plot twist. Loved this game 10/10!

Jump scares were perfect, 10/10! 

Nice, I thought I was gonna get my head chopped of at the end there. 

Loved this one! I thought spider man was trying to steal my pizza at first. Got my ass good a the end 10/10

Nice beta, can't wait for the full release.

Too spooky. I thought something was gonna chop my head off when I closed the door and turned around in the room. 
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Amazing game! Loved the creepy vibes, ending got me good.  10/10 demo. 

Your games always manage to get me every time!

10/10 Loved it!

Absolutely loved this game. Curious about the cat.  Can't wait for more 10/10 game right here. 

Perhaps the scariest game I have ever played. 

Amazing job 10/10!

That ending was the most badass endings I have ever experienced. I felt bad for Tai Lopez. 10/10

This game is intense! I feel like someone should turn this into a movie. Loved this 10/10!