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I do not get the link between the ghost and the girl's call after her mom and then the ending? Not that it was a bad game, indeed it is not!

French Revolution was a bloody orgia


How to find the key after first escape try?

Now I got the books, but not the papers, keeping clicking and cklicking....

Not able to collect the blue books and the papers down left to the couch

So sorry. I love my wife and my two little children Ida and Altfrid, want to shield them. This game got me...

More to this game tomorrow - but one of the impressing games I have played so far

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The game is great so far, but I cannot finish it - now I fell in soft-lock a couple of times -

in the first try it came after repowering electricity

then a few times just at the beginning (no hint to look for the manual, I could pick it, but then nothing happened, there was no alarm for the water filter

Once I reached the point after putting in the first security code, then it went along,

but after putting in the second code,  there was a huge white hole in the living room and I "fell in" and then the charakters body was fully surrounded by white screen.

I tried it again, but than it happened again after putting in the first code...

Edit 15 min later:

ok, I closed entirely - before I did not - and it went until end ... but I let my  experiance here so that You have an overview about formerly unknown issues

GREAT ATMOSPHERE! Imagine You were in such a situation in Real Life, not getting what is actually happening, creepy noises and voices and too dark to really get Your way... or maybe it is a nightmare or one is really in the bunker and is getting mad after a long time under the earth alone - althoug it is a shelter for two - and without daylight

Well said!

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I am highly suspected to have AD(H)D, focus on ADD, it will take a few more months until I will have a diagnosis. But I can understand what is expressed in this game quite well. Circulating thoughts, anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, some compulsive disorders and so on. When I remember my early youth resp. my time on high school/gymnasium (in Germany) I now can understand much better what went wrong, for example.

The point, however, is that there are, because ADHD is mostly linked with childhood, fail diagnostics that suggest a normal depression, anxiety and-or compulsive disorder and similar

what do you mean? :D

After the question about not-answering I checked my E-Mail...ok, I then saw that I was not logged in....:D

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No problem I really like horror games with rpg maker, especially when they are not too short. And this one is really interesting.

A walkthrough would be helpful. When will the whole game be released?

now i could end the demo, i am really looking forward for the 2nd floor!

O, now i could figure this out, too. 

Ok, now i am stuck at the classrooms' other door with the numbers, i tried every queue that is possible - they must be 24, nothing works

ok, i managed it ;)

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I am not sure how to solve the statue riddle

btw - great game so far, for what I can "judge" - only as a player, until now I have not yet made a game by myself (i have an idea about this, but it is in the earliest beginning and by now i have no time to work on it)

Tragic and in some way sad...or better said touching. Well made game though - or because.

Sry, I am stuck at the first part, I cannot run out the monster....

I knew it :D

Ah, thanks a lot, this is helpful. I saw that there are autosaves, but I didn't know when they are done until your repost.. Thanks.

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Any chance to save the game at any time? Or to skip the intro?

Game looks great though.

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Creepy! And I think, in some kind realistic (that those things happen under certain circumstances). One of the most interesting psycho games for me - and I like games about such topics.

You have to unzip it, but not with Windows itself - I use "PowerISO" which is not only for ISO files. PowerISO - Create, Burn, Mount, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive

I tested many Horror Games and I especially like those who are made with RPG-Maker, in 2D and TopDown.

This one is really the greatest I ever played. Such an atmosphere, a deep story, riddles, the length....fairy rales,  it is creepy and cute...I love it, and I have not finished yet (I am and the end of Chapter 3)

You have the election at the beginning, I guess. That is what I did

It is a story with issues, and it is going to end well. So what is your complain about such a well-made, long, creepy, cute and atmospheric game that deals with fairy tales, riddles and so on? !

Great game, i got two endings in A and two in B, one in C, but where is the last ending? Well, I think, the devil imitates....

It is completely absurd, what the guy said

Someone who cannot unterstand Horror should not play such games, that is it.

After playing I cannot find anything that could improve those comments

So you are right

Ok, I have played it now: Wow, the Graphics and the Sound are quite good; I sometimes had little problems how it would go further, well, I am a bit inpatient...;) so I viewed a Video to know how...;) nice story, there may be open questions about the background of the beast, maybe this could be continued, but with a dead wife....

ok, 911 does not work, so what should one do?

So it is absurd to mean that You have a bad meaning about this guy said...

So it is scary and strange. So it is what a horror game should be. :)

I have not played yet, by connection is a bit slow at time, but then I will report a bit....would be the first time, I have not reviewd games before. I think I am not the best to this because I have not depeloved anything myself until now.

... and others' time too....

Does a film maker create a film about Hannibal Lector because he is a fan of cannibalism?

Is the developer of games about WWII a Nazi or a fan of war or of bloody things, or sadist?

There can always be argued about whether a story is good or not, but hiere someone seems not to have unterstood what makes a horror story...

Well, if somone is pissed about a creepy story he maybe should avoid playing psychological horror games....

or do all the games where you just shoot zombies make any better sense than this one here?

Does any story make sense that contents ghosts, suicide, mental illness, violence and so on?

Sure, also this topic here is not funny anywhere, but the others are neither.

Would be nice if there could one more save point after getting the crowbar - it is not that easy, I think, to get there very healthy AND get to the church then.