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Awesome Game!


Can you make this more mobile compatible?

I had a glitch where the draggable display disappeared when i clicked on it and clicked somewhere else

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Anyone got higher than me?

Great 2130 years

I like games like this, if you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

This is really awesome, i had no problems please continue your awesome games they are amazing.

hey there is a glitch where when i get about x230 or more on the max money capacity (the last one) it stops all the heists and the prices are like -2.147484E-2 but thats ok because i'm used to see that in calculator lol i have 1100527000000.00$ which is alot of money lol but sad its stuck :(

omg this is awesome.

command ant conquer fan discord

we might get an update!


it feels like its laggy

No! its way diffrent than stardew valley and please if you don't like the game then don't come here.

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like stardew valley? i'm gonna try it then judge xd ( its a pretty cool game needs alot of updates please make a full version i really like the game can you make it so you can marry that girl lol)

can you please just open source code

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This game is awesome! please i want more levels or else i will cry pleasee i beg (also you can make a level maker so we can make our own custom ones when we finish all the levels)