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Hey! It’s not actually a Trojan. It’s Microsoft falsely flagging as a virus. This is a known issue with the fusion engine, but I’m not sure how to solve it.

thanks for pointing it out. I can reassure you it’s not a virus, checked plenty of times 👍

will try to solve the false flag. It could be because I compress the runtime.

thanks for the comment!

It’s actually not a Trojan. It’s Microsoft that through an update decided a certain type of file to be flagged as a Trojan. I’ve double-checked everything and it’s apparently a widely known issue

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Hey thanks! And thank you for taking the time to play. Will take all the feedback into consideration. There will be a bit more action further up, including a first boss soon! I imagine all levels will have different versions and level of puzzles.

Thank you Harri! =D

try downloading the latest build and retry 🙏

That’s the end of the current prototype version =)

Hope to update with a full level in a few weeks.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I’ll only include the .exe for the next build. I’m afraid some things might break though. The font for example. But let’s try it!

health should go to full if you die. If it doesn’t, That’s a bug and I’ll look into it asap =)