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I love the layout of the different social tiers for classes.

This a great! Thanks for sharing.

didn't realize about symbols and numbers. I'll take another pass at it. Thanks!

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Minor correction on page 28, the names and descriptions of rooms 6 and 7 should be swapped.

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Thanks for the response. It could be because I was a late backer. Other folks on Gamefound in the comments section are having similar issues. I had sent "you" a message through the gamefound site about a week ago, not sure if you're receiving those messages.

My email address is [redacted].

Thanks again!

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UPDATE: the creators made everything right. Thanks.

Well, I regret backing this now through Gamefound. I haven't received my pdf copy and the creator is not responding to messages.

Please mark content warning: Edit game > Metadata > Audience & Content > Has sensitive content.

Still open for late pledges.

Into the Cess and Citadel by Wet Ink Games - Gamefound

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Hi! Any plans for a hardcopy?

[edit] Nevermind! Found the Gamefound and submitted a late pledge :)

+1 for OpenDyslexic font. Thank you!

Thanks for the tip!

I normally don't go for really crunchy mechanics like this, but the complex narrative made up for it.

+1 for using OpenDyslexic font!

I'm sitting in my cubicle (browsing and laughing aloud at the "print this version at work" edition. We have around 500 employees and I think everyone needs a hardcopy.

Imma homebrew this for American paper sizes.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing. (FYI the margins look off, like it was formatted in Letter but exported in A4)

Very cool. I'd love to see some roll tables for this.

This is pointcrawl forest adventure, and it's spectacular!

5 stars. Would eat here again.

The font color for the 2d6 encounters descriptions doesn't print well (at least on my inkjet).

I love what you have so far and am excited to see how it evolves.

Some feedback after reading (haven't played):

  • 4 skill buckets is the correct number :) and I wish more rpgs would do this.
  • Combat sounds overly complicated and there are many steps involved to resolve a turn in (perhaps not once you are used to it though).
  • I can easily make assumptions, but it's not explicit how to resolve ranged combat.
  • A turn being a "trading of blows" reminds of something like Troika!, rolling to see who comes out on top. I don't have issue with that approach, but then using "attacker's weapon dice" versus "defender's armor dice" seems contradictory to that narrative. And it creates mechanical advantages to attacking a certain foe that may not make sense narratively.
  • Personally, I would rather see a wider variety of Paradoxes, even if it means fewer of them; like the Sorcerers' Calamities tables from GLoG v2.

I hope this feedback is helpful. Cheers!

Simple is beautiful.

It's the intro narration from "Quantum Leap", an early 90's TV show. It's the first thing I thought of when I read this project, and thought the premises line up really well.

Doctor Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. [...] His only guide on this journey is Al, [...] who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

I'm definitely using this in my game.  Thanks!

I love the concept, but personally don't care for how the statistics work out for rules-as-written. I would make the following modifications at my table:

  1. Disadvantage: if the character is hindered by injury or circumstances, role 2d4 and take the lowest.
  2. There are three possible outcomes: 4 = Success, 3 = Mixed Success, 2 or 1 = Failure. (You could grant "critical success" for rolling more than one 4).

The consequences of these changes are shown here:

YAY! Thank you! We need more publishers to using more accessible formats.

It's not uncommon to submit a project to multiple jams.

Thank you! I initially wrote it just for Wanderhome, but quickly realized it didn't need to be. So I made it more neutral, which really only consisted of changing "small and forgotten gods" to "spirits" :D

I love the setting, and the tweaks you made to the L&F rules!

Can't wait for my players to run into this nature. Thanks for sharing!

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I remember seeing some of the hate from those keyboard-tough-guys (I think on a subreddit iirc) quite a while ago now. But not really knowing anything about Warframe, I gave you a fake internet point and moved on.

Today I was browsing the ENNIES nominees to see if there was anything cool I missed from 2021 and saw Slayers (nice work and congratulations! very excited to try that one), which lead me to Light (the list of games I need to play now growing by the minute) and ultimately brought me here. Your work is amazing and I'm so happy to see how this turned out from when I first caught wind of it. Your hero's journey, if I may be so bold.

People suck. But Humans are wonderful. Thanks for bringing joy to my day and soon to my gaming table. Stay Human.

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you're welcome! I plan on continuing to add more if you want to check back occasionally.

I made a character sheet for The Coolest Combat System: The Coolest Character Sheet