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Joey Suliguin

A member registered May 26, 2020

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Was I? agh. I might have to replay it again then. But I probably will play your future games. Cause' you're bringing something different to the table so far that its interesting. 

Another great game Sasha! Even though, I may have not finished it in the hour I recorded I enjoyed it. Maybe not in an exciting or happy matter. I enjoyed it!

thanks man! ill definitely play it again if some updates come out for the game. Hopefully, I'll actually finish it :D

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Another great game man! Sorry this took a bit to do. I was taking a breather from recording and editing. But here ya go!

Also I'm not using my normal setup so things are kinda weird.

Thanks man and I found while just browsing the new & popular section on I was just like,"Seems cool let's play it" lmao. Glad you enjoyed 

It was a really nice and short game to play. I loved the mechanics of the game and art style. Hope you enjoy this gameplay of your game!

Definitely will! And thanks :D I try to make it comedic as possible.

Really great job. The chicken somehow became my best friend. It was friendship at first sight. I'm sad the ending where I hug him is the "bad" ending (jk lmao). But I hope see and play more games of yours!

Yeah it was fun to play and it seemed really interesting so of course i had to play and record it :D

Wooo hype !

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Fun game! Made me think a bit. I just love this style of games. So, good job.

By the way, playtime was roughly 11 minutes for me

Note: This video is not public yet but it will tomorrow

Honestly, understandable. I never gave good manicures or massages. It's complicated with her.  

I had some recording issues before but the new update fixed that so I just had to play it again. Great game. I had fun making fun of who I called, "Mary". 

Accidentally just commented the YouTube link lmao. 

Anyways, this was a 15 minute video because of how long it took to get pass the guys but editing cut it down to 5 minutes. But, it was a good game that got my adrenaline going. Great job!

Great game! I would say more but wouldn't want to spoil anything if someone wants to play this on their own. But hope you enjoy this video of the game. 

No problem! And thanks, good to know my humor is funny.

It was a pretty fun game to play to be honest. Really good work (I got scared)! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video of the game! 

Can't wait to see the new features that are going to be added! I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for when the update is going to be dropped. 

I really like the humor that was put in the game. I had fun playing through it and making jokes along the way. So, I hope you enjoy this video of it!

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I try to be comedic with the voices once i start to know the characters. So, there's not much in the beginning it's when I get to the club I get into the game. Thinking of making more videos. The music is really nice for the game by the way.  

The club scene starts at: 15:20

Note: Sorry that the mic is a bit low compared to the game. 

Oh okay ! Looking forward to updates

Nice and short horror game ! Well done. 

Had lots of fun with this arcade-esque game I hope to see more updates to this maybe like individual levels or a leveling system.

But great job on it!

This was really fun to play. It wasn't so hard that it made me want to stop playing so that's always good. Hope to see more games because I really like the style of it.

I can't seem to download the game. It says the download link has expired. 

Great game I'm looking forward to play and record more of it in the future. honestly, really good.

I liked playing this game a lot. It definitely made me wake up when I recorded this when I just woke up in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to more game from you in the future !

I feel you could make it a little bit brighter for people who record it. Make it easier for the audience. Don't turn it up a lot though.

During the play through, I encountered 2 Siren heads, I don't know if that was planned but it scared the sh*t outta me. And just a few floating rocks. Other than those 2 things, I loved playing it.

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This has to be one of the scariest games I've played so far on I had so many goosebumps. Hope you enjoy the gameplay and commentary.

No problem. I'm glad you found it funny :D

No problem ! And If there's an update I'll be sure to play it. And well that's good to know for next time.

I'll be sure to play this way more when I'm cooled off. I know I haven't even scraped the top of the barrel with this game. I love the design of the game btw. 

Note: This game starts at 1:50 and ends till 8:07

A fun game with lots of potential to be a good rage game. If there are any updates to this game I would love to play it again. 

Note: This game starts at the beginning till 1:50

No problem at all !

I wouldn't mind at all ! Go right ahead :D

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I had lots of fun cracking jokes while recording this game. It shows lots of potential ! 

Side note: Please make it so the player can name the articles. (It would be funny.)

Edit: This video is now out !

Thanks lmao. I'm sorry if I butchered your name btw (along with the other creators) !