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The jump scare was really clever, got me good! Keep it up JNSquared

No no thank you for making the game

That makes sense, I did think it was a weird choice. For anyone else, I think this game is worth checking out (hopefully it works for you).

Had to check this game out and I was not disappointed! Worth a try if you want to check it out. I hope to see more from this developer.

This game caught my eye and had to give it a try.

However you get to move Clyde once every several seconds? I can't get my head around that design decision. It seems like it was to create a sense of fear as you navigate the dark maze but it is ultimately boring and aggravating.

However, the concept is excellent for a short game. Please keep making games because you clearly have some really great ideas.

This game stands out from the rest on this platform, massive props to the developer(s). I recommend donating if you can.

I was really impressed. Slick game with great atmosphere. I encourage you to donate if you can.

This game gave me a good scare! I had a lot of fun making a video on it

I love this one! Really charming horror game, I had a lot of fun making a video on it (I encourage you to donate to the creator if you can)

I thought I could be a good father...

A massively well done to the developers, very well made. If you're thinking about giving this game a go, it's worth your time.

No way Bobby is my son...

I had a great time doing a video for this. Support the developer!

Really good for your first game. Keep working on your craft and you'll get even better

Awesome job on doing this game in such a short time. I had a good laugh doing this video. For everyone else, donate and show some love for a developer worth your support <3

I didn't expect this game to get me!

What happens when you give an AR to a boy scout?

Have YOU ever been hunted by a car?? 

This game was the easily the weirdest game I've ever played! 

The perfect blend of goofy but genuinely scary!