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hello Vazkii I am brazilian and I have a lot of ideas for this awesome mod if u don t want to listen ideas,sorry :(. by the way I think that a magician mod will need a magician robes with this mod u can be a magical druid I think that adding multiple blocks structures with trees can be awesome and u can add things that do the same thing but more powerfull like a big dayblom?... trees that do a lot of diferent stuffs that I can tell u if u be interested in a another message I think that a staff is so much important the staff of the forest? that u can transform better like the thaumcraft staff that can place upgrades and do magical things and do magic!!! :D, more animals that if u are a so good druid the animals will like u and u can talk with them, they will help u ents? that protect the nature of the world a complex nature world like vis and flux in the thaumcraft the energy of the druid magic is mana and the more are good the forest more mana the flowers and trees? will produce like dayblom in the normal biome will produce 10 of mana per tick and in a forest with so many trees and large flora will produce 20 of mana per tick the mana is the energy of the druid and recharg the staff with mana it is useful or infuse all your body into pure mana that will recharg like the ars magica stuff but the magics is only based in nature things like cure,call of animals that help u on battle and a lot of another magics using the staff or spellbook? runes and fruits the botania have the basics of flora and u can protect the flora and be a druid with botania the portable mana spreader is awesome but u can do damage with it and the animal friend have to be merited u NEVER will can any animal u are the friend of nature!! and a bar that show u how friend are u of the flora and fauna? yeah the mod will focus in the flora but the fauna is good too if u give food to animals and carnivorous plant give water to the plants and the plants have conscience!! when u have the amulet of talking to the plants u can help them and the animals amulet of talking to animals and amulet of talking to plants the a druid must have a robes changing the manastell armor and terrastell or adding robes terrarobe and mana robe this robes will amplify your power of magic... I have a lot of more ideas I can say for u if u b interested I think that u won t like the idea but I have so much more than only it thanks for read :D really if u read it is so great!!! :D